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Richmond Rifle Corps of Volunteers 1869
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Source:  Windsor & Richmond Gazette, 18 July 1903
List Type:  Military
Dates Covered:  1869


At the recent military ball and social, the roll of the first company of the Richmond Rifle Corps of Volunteers was read by Colour-Sergeant Bennett. Only one of the original members answered his name, Colonel Guest, though several others were present who joined a year later. The establishment of the Company was 85, while there were 74 on the roll. The company was formed in August, 1869, and we give the names of those on the roll.
Alfonso Denis Elder Herbert John Morris Charles
Aspery Robert  Fernandez John Myers Richard
Baker Thomas Gow Francis Neill John
Baker John Guest Charles Nixon Alfred
Basham Arthur Hendley Denis Nixon William
Bonus James Hewitt Edwin Nixon Henry
Bourke George Holborow Wm. Hillier  Onus Thomas Alexander
Burrell William Houghton Clement Potts Roberts
Byrne Barney Huxley David Price Thomas
Carter John Kelly William John Price William Thomas
Carter James King George Price James
Chandler Gough King John Robert Price William R
Cornwell Percy Charles Lewis Robert William Price George William
Crawford Robt. Bedwell Lewis John Reilly William
Crisford James Arthur Lewis William Ross James Smith
Crisford Thomas Long John Smith Joseph
Crisford Caleb Marlin Robert Stafford William
Cronan James Martin William Stafford Clement
Dickson William McEvoy James Thomson George
Drayton Samuel McGarvey Burnard Tomkinson William
Drayton Henry McKay Hugh Travis Herbert
Drayton George Mills Cornelius Warwick John
Ducker John Mills John Young Joseph
Ducker Rowland H Mitchell William Young Edwin
Edney Joseph A Mitchell David


Credits: Published with permission from the Gow's website Transcribed by Michelle Nichols - July 2005.


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