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Hawkesbury Electors 1872
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Source:  Sydney Morning Herald
Thursday 15 February 1872 p. 6
List Type:  Subscribers
Dates Covered:  1872


Sydney - DEAR SIR,
We, the undersigned Electors of the Electoral District of the Hawkesbury, do ourselves the honour respectfully to request that you will allow us to again nominate you as candidate for our representation in Parliament. Should you accede to our request, we pledge ourselves to use our votes and interest to secure your election, believing as we do that you will, as heretofore, use your time, ability, and influence, for the advancement of our district; at the some time, having a view to the welfare of the colony.

We are, dear Sir, yours faithfully,”


Richard Anderson
Thomas Anderson
William Archibald
Thomas Arkinstall
John Armstrong
Thomas Arndell
Samuel Arnold
Henry Arsdie
William Arwell
John Aspery
George Atkins
James Atkinson
Francis Bailey
John Thomas Bailey
Joseph Bailey
Thomas Bailey
William John Bailey
Dio Baldwin
James Ball
John Barrett
George Bayter sic (Boyter)
William Bayter sic (Boyter)
Crawford Robert Bedwell
William Bell
George Bennett
John Bennett, jun.
John Bennett, sen.
William Benson
Andrew Bigger
Thomas Biggers
Charles Blundell
Joseph Blundell
William Blunder
Robert Books
William C. Bootle
G. M. Bowen
Arthur C. M. Bowman
George Bowman
George Bowman, J.P.
William Boyter, sen.
Gabriel Bradley
James Bradley
William Bragg
Alfred Brown
George Brown
John Brown
John Brown
Thomas Brown
William Brown
William Brown
William Burgess
George Butler
James Butler
James Butler
Joseph Butler
Joseph Butler
William Butler
Thomas Butloe
Richard Butterworth
James Butsworth
Joseph Butsworth
William Butsworth sic (Buttsworth)
George Buttsworth
John Cameron
Robert Capball
George Capps
Alfred Case
Thomas Caterson
George Cavanough
Samuel Chapman
Thomas Chaseling
Edward Chatterton
Michael Christie
Thomas Christie
Thomas Clark
James Clarke
G. A. Cobcroft
John F. Cobcroft
George Cobcroft, sen.
James Comrie, J.P.
Henry Cornwall
James Cornwall
John Cox
Richard Cox
Richard Cox
Walter Crago
Joshua Creringham
Christy Cross
Thomas Cross
Thomas Cross
William Cross
James Cunningham
Henry Curtis
James Cusack
Miles Danes
James Dargin, P.R.
John Davies
Joseph Davis
James Davison
Charles Day
Edward Devine
William Douglas
Jones Douglass
Joseph Downs
Benjamin Dunstan
Tristam Dunstan
William Dunstan
David Dunstan, sen.
John Dunstan, sen.
Stephen John Dunston
Abraham Eather
George Eather
Daniel Eaton
S. Edgerton, J.P.
Matthew Elkins
Andrew Everingham
J. Everingham
Matthew James Everingham
Thomas Everingham
Henry Ezzy
James Ezzy
Richard Ezzy
Charles Farlow
George Farlow
Stephen Field
George Fleming
John Fleming
Prosper Fleming
John Floyds
John Ford
George Fuller
Robert Gee
George Giffery
George Gill
William Gittins
John Thomas Gosper
William Gosper
John Gosper, sen.
David Gow
James Graham
John Green
George Greentree
Henry Greentree
Reuben Greentree
Reuben Greentree, sen.
William Griffiths
David Hall
Henry Hall
James Hall
John S. Hall
Matthew Smith Hall
Thomas Smith Hall
George Smith Hall, sen.
George Harper
Thomas Harris (teacher)
John Haskinson, jun.
Charles Hawkins
Joseph Hawkins
David Hayman
George Hayman
George Henderson
George Hewett
Thomas Horton
John Hoskinson, sen.
Rowland Hughes
John Hurst
Samuel Hurst, jun.
Samuel Hurst, sen.
William Hutchinson
W. Hynds
William James Irwin
John Izzard
Joseph Jackling
Edward Jackmay
John James
W. M. Jasper
William John
Thomas John, jun.
Thomas John, sen.
John Johnson
George Johnston
W. H. Johnston
J. B. Johnston, sen.
Alfred Jones
George Jones
Robert Jones
Daniel Jurd
James Jurd
Joseph Jurd
Peter Kemp
James King
Robert King
Walter King
C. Kirwan
Henry Lamb
John Lamb
George Lambert
H. Lamrock, J.P.
Thomas Larow
John Laverack
Henry Law
Israel Leet
Robert Leet
George Light
Charles Lillis
Sylvester Lillis
William Lindsay
John Lobb
Thomas Lowrey
Edward Mahon
Thomas Mahon
Charles Mahony
Edward Mall
James Manns
John Markwell
Samuel Mason
Samuel Mason, jun.
Richard Mawson
John Mayo, jun.
John Mayo, sen.
John McClelland
John McDonald
James McFetridge
Matthew L. McFitridge sic (McFetridge)
Michael McMahon
William Metherell
Joseph Mitchell
Robert Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell
David Moore
George Morris
James Morton
Thomas Musgrove
William Myers
Frederick Nicholds
Samuel Nicholds
William Nicholds
Gifford North
N. Nugent
Joseph Onus, jun.
Joseph Onus, jun.
Joseph Onus, sen.
James Owens
Richard Owens
Edward Partiss
John Paull
George Pearce
John Pearce
John Pearson
George Peck
Henry Peck
Henry Peck
Robert Peck
Samuel Philips
Thomas Phillips
John Pie
Robert Pitt
George M. Pitt, J.P.
George A. Plunkett
George A. Plunkett
Arthur Powell
Henry Powell
Edward Powell, J.P.
John Prescud sic (Pescud)
John Preston
Thomas Preston
William Quaife
Thomas Quinn
Phillip Reilley
Thomas Reynolds
Benjamin Richards, J.P.
Robert Rite
Alfred Robinson
Edward Robinson
Henry Robinson
W. Robinson
Charles Rose
James Rose
Richard Rose
Thomas John Rose
Thomas Rose
David Ross
John Ross
John Rule
Robert Rutter
James Salter
William Sanders
Thomas Schofield
W. Scott
Leonard Shargood
Edward Shaw
Thomas Sheen
Stephen Sheppard
George Shields
Isaac Shields
Richard Simmons
Richard Skuthorp, sen.
John Slater
Austin Slattery
James Smallwood
John Smallwood
W. G. Smallwood
C. E. Smith
Daniel Smith
George Edwin Smith
James Smith
John Smith
John Smith
John Smith
Joseph Smith
Thomas Smith
William Smith
Charles Stanford
Thomas Stanford
George Stembeck, jun.
George Stephens
James Stephens
John Stephens
John Stephens, jun.
William Mathew Sternbeck
Thomas Stibbs sic (Stubbs)
Richard Stone
John Streeter
James Stubbs
James Stubbs, jun.
Thomas Sullivan
George Sunderland
William Sunderland
William Thomas
George Thompson
Thomas Thompson
Henry Timmins
John Timmins
William Timmins
Andrew Town, J.P.
Henry Townsend
W. Townsend
Hugh Joseph Trant
C. H. Tuckerman
P. Tuckerman
Bartholomew Turnbull
George Turnbull
George Turnbull
James Turnbull
John W. Turnbull
Joseph Turnbull
Ralph Turnbull
Thomas Turnbull
Frederick Turner
James Upton
Henry Venia
Aaron Walker
Joseph Walker
Richard Wall
Thomas Wall
Fernal Warrington
Thomas Wattiman
Thomas Wattiman, sen.
George Watts
Edward Webb
Charles Westall
James Wilbow
James Wilbow
Thomas Wilbow
Phillip Williams
Edward Wilson
John Ambrose Wilson
John Wilson
Price Simeon Wilson
Thomas Wilson
Timothy Wilson
W. Wisbey
William Wood
Isaac Woods
Thomas Woolford
William Wright, J.P.
Charles Young


“To the Electors signing the Requisition.

Gentlemen, - I thank you most cordially for the honour that you have conferred upon me by signing the above requisition, and I feel the highest degree of satisfaction in complying with your request, and placing my services at your disposal. The Government have fixed the election for the Hawkesbury at a remote date, and I desire to remind you that the polling day will be THURSDAY, the 7th March [1872]

I have the honour to be, Gentlemen,
Your faithful servant,



William Richman Piddington 1815-1887 - William Richman Piddington was born in London in 1815. Piddington was a bookseller born in London and migrated to Australia in 1838. After a short stint of farming he became involved in public affairs and politics. His Parliamentary service commenced in 1856 as a Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly. He was the Member of Hawkesbury from 1859-1877. He was also the Colonial Treasurer from 1872 and resigned for health issues in 1877. He died in Sydney on the 25 November 1887.

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