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Colo Post Office Directory 1878-79
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Source:  Greville's Official PO Directory of NSW 1878-79 
List Type:  Population
Dates Covered:  1878-79


Residents recorded in "Greville's Official PO Directory of NSW 1878-79" for Colo NSW


66 miles west of Sydney on the river of the same name in the Windsor district.

BLUNDELL, Charles sawyer
BLUNDELL, Joseph farmer
BLUNDELL, William farmer
BOYTER, George blacksmith
BOYTER, John farmer
BOYTER, William farmer
BUTLER , Michael farmer
CAMERON, John farmer
CATERSON, Catherine farmer
CATERSON, Thomas farmer
CAVANAGH, George Jun. farmer
CAVANAGH, George Sen. farmer
CHAPMAN, Robert squatter, Burrewa
CULLEN, Edward Jun. farmer
CULLEN, E. squatter, Howe's Valley
EVERINGHAM, Thomas farmer
GEE, Robert farmer
GILL, James farmer
GILL, Lawrence
GILL, Michael farmer
GOSPER, Alfred squatter, Bulga Road
GOSPER, Benjamin farmer
GOSPER, Henry squatter, Bulga Road
GOSPER, John farmer
GOSPER, John squatter, Bulga Road
GOSPER, John farmer
GOSPER, Joseph farmer
GOSPER, W.H. farmer & post-master
HARRIS, John squatter, Bulga Road
HAYMAN, David boarding house
HAYMAN, George
HULBERT, James farmer
JACKSON, Henry squatter, Bulga Road
JONES, Henry
JONES, John farmer
JONES, Thomas Robert
JONES, William Jun.
JONES, William Sen.
KEMP, Peter
LAYCOCK, Andrew squatter, Pretty Creek
LAYCOCK, Henry squatter, Pretty Creek
LAYCOCK, Thomas squatter, Pretty Creek
LUCKHURST, Edward labourer
MERRICK, James squatter, Howe's Valley
METHERILL, James sawyer
METHERELL, William Jun.
MORAN, James
MORAN, William farmer
McALPIN, William squatter, Branch Creek
NEWELL, William Robert
PALMER, C.J. teacher
PENTON, William blacksmith
PHIPPS, Henry squatter, Bulga Road
RIDGE, R. Jun. squatter, Baggy Swamp
RIDGE, Robert Sen. squatter, Pretty Creek
SILVEY, Francis
SIMMONS, Richard farmer
SMITH, John farmer
TAGGART, Charles squatter, Howe's Valley
TURNBULL, Bartholomew
TINDELL, George labourer
WHATELY, Charles farmer
WOODBERRY, William Jun.
WOODS, George farmer

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