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1900 Landholders Directory: [Post Office] Comleroy Road
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Source:  Yewen's Directory of the Landholders of NSW - 1900 p. 532-536; 538-543.
List Type:  Population
Dates Covered:  1900


Comleroy Road P.O. (North Richmond Division)
Anderson, Thomas
Aylwin, Edward
Ballard, Elizabeth
Bottles, Harry
Burdekin, Sydney, Exors. late
Butler, Michael
Coleman, A.
Fraser, Charles
Gow, William
Hennessey, Edward
Hennessey, Richard
Hulme, John
Hungerford, Guy
John, William
Linton, Adam
London, Henry
London, William
McCabe, John, senr.
McMahon, John
McMahon, Joseph
McMahon, Michael
McMahon, Thomas
McMahon, Thomas, junr.
Mahony, Charles
Mahony, Daniel
Mayers, Edward
Miller, John
Myers, Stephen
Norris, Frederick
Overton, James
Overton, John
Overton, Thomas
Peck, George
Peck, John J.
Peck, Richard E.
Pitt, Robert
Pitt, R. G.
Rudsohies, John
Shepperd, James
Shepperd, John
Slingsby, Alfred
Tierney John
Tierney, Michael
Tierney, Thomas
Turner, William
Twine, Thomas
Ward, Harrison
Ward, Harrison, Bullridge
Wholahan, Henry
Wilson, Timothy
Yarnold, Charles
Young, Michael


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