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1900 Landholders Directory: [Post Office] Lower Hawkesbury
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Source:  Yewen's Directory of the Landholders of NSW - 1900 p. 532-536; 538-543.
List Type:  Population
Dates Covered:  1900


Lower Hawkesbury P.O. (Wisemans Ferry Division)
Byrnes, Francis
Byrnes, Jonathan, Orange Dale
Chambers, --
Cooper, Sir Daniel
Dalvine, T.
Foody, Thomas, Ashdale
Greentree, Eli
Handley,Mary D., Singleton Saddle
Phillips, --
Singleton, H. A., One Tree Hill
Singleton, Sarah, Singleton Mill
Terrey, Joshua, Koohinor
Watkins, Thomas, River View


Credits: Transcribed by Michelle Nichols - April to September 2007.


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