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1900 Landholders Directory: [Post Office] North Richmond
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Source:  Yewen's Directory of the Landholders of NSW - 1900 p. 532-536; 538-543.
List Type:  Population
Dates Covered:  1900


North Richmond P.O. (North Richmond Division)
Ah Singhy
Alcorn, Alfred
Alcorn, Alfred R.
Allen, William
Barry, William
Blundell, James
Boughton, Samuel
Brooks, Henry
Brown, George
Brown, James
Burgess, Caroline
Burgess, Henry
Case, Alfred
Case, George
Case, Walter
Charley, Philip, Clarendon Park
Charley, William Thos., Redbank
Chignell, Catherine
Clark, James
Creek, John
Cullen, Edward
Davis, Henry
Eaton, Wm., Eaton Ville
Ezzy, Edward V.
Ezzy, Joseph, Carrington
Farmer, George
Farlow. Clary
Game, George
Granger, Alfred
Griffith, Aubury, Bonny Doon
Hayes, Richard H.
Hewitt, George
Icely, Charles, Eulamere
Lambert, William
Lamrock, Elizabeth, Leoman Forest
Lavender, George
Lavender, James
Leggett, George
London, A.
London, William
McGuire, James
McMahon, Abe
McMahon, James Joseph
McMahon, Michael
McMahon, Peter
McMahon, Stephen
Madden, Charles
Matheson, Alexander
Murphy, James
Murphy, John
Murray, Michael, Sallia's Flats
Nott, Thomas
Nott, Thomas, junr.
Penton, Charles
Peterson, Alfred
Philip, Charles, Belmont #possibly Philip Charley?
Pitt, Geo. M., Sunnyside
Pullinzer, George
Quinn, Thomas
Richardson, James
Rielly, Edward
Rielly, John
Rielly, Mary Ann
Rielly, Thomas
Ridge, Robert
Rutter, Henry
Saunders, Thomas
Scott, John, Rosehill
Small, Charles J.
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph
South, Clarrie
Skuthorpe, Harry
Stanford, Charles
Stanford, Thomas
Stevenson, Ann
Stevenson, Henry, Hill Crest
Stevenson, William
Tarris, Jane
Thomas, John
Thomas, John
Tibbott, John
Tierney, Ernest
Timmins, Thomas
Town, J. T., Gerheim
Turner, Henry, The Terrace
Watts, James A., Mulgrar Farm
Wheeler, Thomas
Williamson, James, Red Bank
Wilson, Arthur
Winter, Elizabeth
Woodhilll & Co.
Woods, Harry Aston, Glenmair
Woods, Mary Ann, Oakford
Woods, Holland, Fernhill


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