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1900 Landholders Directory: [Post Office] Pitt Town
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Source:  Yewen's Directory of the Landholders of NSW - 1900 p. 532-536; 538-543.
List Type:  Population
Dates Covered:  1900


Pitt Town P.O. (Windsor Division)
Allsopp, George, The Common
Arndell, A. W., McQuarie's Retreat
Arndell, James T., Caddai
Boo tie, William
Bowd, Tristam J., Fairview
Bowd, Wm., Caddai road
Brooks, Alexander, Grono Park
Brooks, Frederick, The Common
Brown, Alexander, Caddai
Brown, George
Brown, Wm. W., McDonald's Farm
Casual Labor Farm
Clery, Thomas, The Bottoms
Colreavy, J., junr., The Bottoms
Colreavy, J., senr., The Bottoms
Cox, Samuel, The Bottoms
Cross, Charles, Caddai road
Curl, Henry
Curtis, John, Long Neck
Daley, Elizabeth, Rose Park
Davis, James
Davis, John, The Bottoms
Dunning, S. J., The Common
Dunstan, James, Dark Cliffo
Fairs, Jane, Caddai
Falle, Philip, Pitt Town Milk Co.
Go war, William
Greenfield, James
Hession, Eleanor, Caddai
Higgins, John, Pitt Town road
Hipwell, A. H., The Bottoms
Hobbs, Joseph
Horton, Sarah
Huxley, Sanmel, Pitt Town-road
Jacklin, Joseph, Maroota
Johnston, Andrew
Johnston, George, Pitt Town-road
Johnston, James H., Bonavista
Johnston, John
Johnston, Sydney A., The Bottom
Johnston, William, The Bottoms
Land, Henry
Mahony, John, The Bottoms
Mawson, Keziah, Maid of Australia
Mawson, Stephen A., Pitt Town
Maxwell, William A., Sunnyside
May, James A., The Bottoms
Medcalf, Sydney B.
Mitchell. Eliza
Mitchell, Jonathan, The Common
Moon, Charles, The Common
Morley, George, Portland
O'Connell, James, The Common
Owens, John K., The Common
Owens, William, The Common
Paull, Arthur, The Common
Pendergast, John, Pitt Town road
Phillips, Caroline, Caroline Villa
Phillips, Hannah M., Grasmere
Roberts, Elizabeth, Caddai
Roberts, John, Caddai
Ryan, Hugh, The Bottoms
Ryans, James, The Bottoms
Ryan, Roger, The Bottoms
Smallwood, Daniel J., Henrogan
Smallwood, John
Stubbs, Albert, The Common
Stubbs, James, Cyprus Cottage
Stubbs, Sydney C., Sackville
Stubbs, Thomas, Caddai road
Thompson, George
Thompson, Thomas
Weaver, Joseph
Weaver, Richard
Willow, John


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