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1900 Landholders Directory: [Post Office] Upper Colo
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Source:  Yewen's Directory of the Landholders of NSW - 1900 p. 532-536; 538-543.
List Type:  Population
Dates Covered:  1900


Upper Colo P.O. (North Richmond Division)
Bayter (sic) George
Bayter (sic) John A.
Blanch, Edward
Blundell, Charles
Blundell, John
Blundell, William C.
Caterson, Thomas
Cumming, George
Dawson, Geo. Wm., Willow Farm
Douglas, Abner
Douglas, Seth Green, Wheeney
Eather, John
Gill, Henry, Wheeney
Gosper, A. J.
Gosper, Benjamin
Gosper, Joust
Gosper, Thos. T.
Gosper, William H.
Hubbert, David
Hubbert, Ellen
Hubbert, James W.
Hubbert, Joseph
Hulme, John, Colo
Ivery, Adolph
Jones, Christian
Jones, William
Lee, John
Males, George
Malone, George
Moran, William, Rose Hill
Packer, Daniel, Wheeney
Penton, John
Phipps, Andrew
Phipps, Henry
Simmonds Thomas
Singleton, John T., Wheeney Farm
Stuart, Lewis
Turnbull, Henry
Wood, George
Woodberry, William J., Colo


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