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The Memorials, Monuments & Plaques Register represents the results of an ongoing project to transcribe, photograph and map the cemeteries, graves, memorials and monuments within the Hawkesbury Region of New South Wales, Australia, and then to provide that information online. Information on cemeteries and graves, can be found in the Cemetery Register

Anyone who would like to help contribute to the project are free to do so, and where additional information has been provided (BDM records etc.), credit will be given.

If you are aware of any small Memorials, Monuments or Plaques within the region, we would be most appreciated if you could let us know the details so that we may help conserve this part of our history by providing this online resource.

You can contact the Memorials, Monuments & Plaques Register Team via email through our online enquiry form.

Additional information may also be found in the Hawkesbury on the Net Church Registers and Lists Register.


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