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Castlereagh Roll of Honor - Castlereagh
Cemetery Details
Address:  Smith Park
 Corner Castlereagh Road and Castle Street
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Roll of honour is located approximately 100 metres north and on the opposite side of the Castlereagh Road to the Castlereagh Hall, within Smith Park
Denomination:  Not applicable
Responsible Authority:  Penrith City Council
Number of Monuments:  1
Names Recorded:  22
Period of Use:  Great War 1914-1918


Baker, R.T.
Coates, T.
Craig, A.J.
Denny, G.B.
Evans, S.A.
Gregor, C.J.
Gregor, D.A.
Hardie, A.
Hardie, K.
Lance, E.K.
Lucas, G.R.E.
Lucas, L.B.
Martin, E.
Pearce, E.
Pearce, F.
Pearce, J.
Reid, D.W.S.
Reid, H.
Savage, J.T.
Skelton, W.
Willmot, W.M.
Yeoman, G.F.

Map of monument:



Inscription on front face reads:

GREAT WAR / 1914-1918.

Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld - December 2004.


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