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"The Great War" Honour Roll - Ebenezer
Monument Details
Address:  Ebenezer Uniting Church
 Coromandel Road
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Honour Roll is located in the entranceway and above the door of the church
Responsible Authority:  Ebenezer Uniting Church
Number of Monuments:  1
Names Recorded:  20
Period Covered:  1914 - 1919


Arndell, L. R.
Baird, E. J.
Baird, N.
Brown, A. A.
Brown, B. H.
Brown, W. C.
Chapple, R. A.
Hatfield, F.
Hatfield, P.
Hendren, L. M.
Johnston, K. W. S.
Johnston, S. H.
Marshall, A. C.
Marshall, S. V.
Marshall, T. E.
Marten, W. S.
Smallwood, W. J. C.
Startin, W. T.
Strand, E.
Turnbull, C. D.

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