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Morans Rock Reserve Honor Rolls - Central Colo
Monument Details
Address:  Morans Rock Reserve
 Lower Colo Road
 Central Colo
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Approximately 50 metres from the Singleton (Putty) Road overpass on the right hand side, opposite the Colo Park
Responsible Authority:  
Number of Monuments:  2
Names Recorded:  39
Period Covered:  The Great War 1914-19
 Second World War 1939-1945


Armstrong, G.F.
Boyter, A.E.
Bullock, A.L.
Bullock, J.
Cutts, F.A.R.
Eather, D.W.
Eather M.M., F.R.
Eather, R.J.
Foster, C.J.
Gambrill, A.W.
Geoghan, B.
Gosper, Lance Corporal A.
Gosper, C.R.R.
Gosper, H.R.
Gosper, Corporal J.J.
Gotts, E.A.
Gotts, H.K.
Haberman, F.W.
Harris, A.
Hulbert, L.K.
Hulbert, S.E.
Jones, Betty
Jones, Muriel M.
Jones, R.F.
Jones, Roma.I.
Jones, W.C.
Jones, W.H.
McDougall, H.E.
Males, H.W.
Males, R.W.A.
Males, W.E.
Marr, A.
Nagle, E.
Paul, C.R.
Paul, R.
Peck, A.S.M.
Simmons, R.T.
Sparks, T.
Whiting, W.E.S.

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Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Michelle Nichols and Jonathan Auld - September 2004.


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