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Richmond War Memorial - Richmond
Cemetery Details
Address:  Richmond Park
 East Market Street
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Opposite Richmond railway station in Richmond Park
Denomination:  Not applicable
Responsible Authority:  Hawkesbury City Council
Number of Monuments:  1
Names Recorded:  259
Period of Use:  The Great War 1914-1919


Abrams, Private C.
Abrams, Private K.
Akin, Driver T.J.
Alderton, Private J.
Allen, Private F.
Allison, Private F.S.
Allison, Sapper L.G.
Anderson, Bombardier A.E.
Anderson, Private W.
Armstrong, Lieutenant R.
Arnold, Sister
Ashwell., Private J.
Bailey, Private L.I.
Bailey, Private P.
Baker, Signaller R.F.
Balcombe, Private T.H.
Bell, Sergeant W.J.
Bell, Signaller W.J.
Bennett, Staff-Sergeant F.W.
Bennett M.M., Sergeant R.B.
Bottle, Gunner J.R.
Boughton R.R.C., Sister L.
Brebner, Lieutenant C.
Brown, Trooper S.P.
Brown, Trooper R.A.D.
Butler, Private A.
Buttsworth, Trooper W.R.
Cairns, Private T.
Cambridge, Sergeant C.
Cambridge, Private C.
Chandler, Driver L.C.
Charley, Lieutenant P.B.
Charley, Captain W.
Christenson, Private
Cobden, Private H.
Conway, Sergeant H.
Cooke, Private D.
Costin, Private C.
Cribb, Gunner A.C.
Crowley, Private G.
Dalton, Driver A.E.
Davis, Gunner H.
Davis, Private C.
Davis, Private L.
Deane, Private A.J.
Denny, Private G.B.
Dickson, Aircraft Mechanic H.S.
Dickson, Private J.F.
Dickson R.R.C., Sister C.
Donaldson, Trooper J.
Douglas, Captain W.B.
Douglass, Private C.
Douglass, Private W.D.
Driscoll, Private T.
Driscoll M.M., Private V.
Dunn, Private H.
Dunston, Gunner J.
Dunston, Private D.
Dunston, Private G.L.
Dunston, Sergeant H.
Durham, Gunner W.
Dwyer, Corporal W.I.
Dwyer, Lance-Corporal F.G.
Dwyer, Trooper J.R.
Dwyer, Driver L.J.
Dwyer, Major CHAP F.P.
Eather D.C.M., Gunner F.R.
Ezzy, Private L.C.
Ezzy, Private P.N.
Ezzy, Private U.
Ezzy, Sapper F.J.
Ezzy, Sapper F.H.A.
Farlow, Private G.
Farlow, Private N.G.
Farmer, Sergeant P.G.
Ferguson, Private F.
Gates, Private H.H.
Giddins, Sergeant A.R.
Giddins, Trooper L.R.
Gosper, Private C.R.R.
Gosper, Private J.J.
Gosper, Private H.
Gosper, Private A.
Griffiths C.M.G., Colonel C.T..
Hanlon, Private J.
Hardie, Private J.K.
Hardie M.M., Sergeant R.K.
Harris, Private S.
Hawkins, Gunner C.
Hearne, Private S.
Helsham V.D., Lieutenant-Colonel
Hill, Lance-Corporal H.
Hill, Private F.J.
Hill, Private G.
Hill., Private G.
Hird, Private E.
Hitchner M.M., Private W.
Horan, Driver E.A.
Hough M.M., Sergeant A.V.
Hungerford, Private C.A.
Inall, Trooper B.
Kelly, Private R.
Kilduff, Private B.
King, Captain CHAP A.J.
Kinghorn, Sapper B.
Klein, Private A.S.
Knott, Private A.
Lamrock C.B., Brigadier General J.
Lavender, Private C.J.
Lavender, Trooper V.M.
Lavender, Corporal C.F.
Lavender, Private C.C.
Lavender, Private D.S.
Lavender, Private A.E.
Lawler M.M., Bombadier J.
Leonard Smith, A.B.
Lewis, Private E.
Lewis, Signaller E.
Locke, Private J.
London, Gunner H.C.
London, Driver H.D.
London D.C.M. M.M., Sergeant A.
Charley, Lieutenant J.H.
Lyon, Private E.
Mahony, Private D.
Mahony, Private T.
Main, Private R.
Males, Private R.A.W.
Males, Private W.E.
Males, Saddler H.W.
Marlin, Private A.E.
Marlin, Private F.
Marlin D.C.M., Sergeant B.C.
Marlin, Private A.R.
Martin, Private G.
Martin, Private W.N.
Masterman, Private B.
Maze, Sergeant R.J.
Mcgabe, Private D.
Mckenna, Private F.
Mclaren, Private N.
Mcmachon, Private G.T.
Mcmahon, Gunner M.
Mcwhirter, Corporal W.
Millington, Private J.
Mitchell, Private G.S.
Mitchell, Private R.J.
Mitchell, Driver C.W.
Mitchell, Private R.E.
Morgan, Private P.
Mortimor, Corporal F.
Moulds, Sergeant L.
Mowat, Private A.B.
Murray, Private P.
Murray, Private M.
Myers, Bombadier A.R.
Ness, Private H.
Nixon, Private H.
Nutman, Corporal W.
O'Neil, Private A.T.
O'Neil, Trooper H.J.
Osborne, Driver H.C.
Osborne, Driver H.F.
O'Sullivan, Private B.J.
Parkes, Private G.
Paterson, Corporal E.J.
Paterson, Private I.
Paterson, Private L.
Paton, Gunner H.
Payne, Sergeant R.A.
Peace, Private W.H.L.
Pearce, Driver F.
Pearce, Lance-Corporal H.
Pearce, Private E.
Pearce, Sergeant A.W.
Pearce, Bombadier A.C.
Pearce, Private J.
Peck, Private A.S.M.
Peck, Private A.
Peck, Private N.
Percival, Trooper O.W.
Percival., Captain E.
Phipps, Private H.H.
Phipps M.M. M.S.M., Sergeant R.
Pitt, Sapper R.
Pittman, Trooper A.J.
Polain, Private G.
Poole, Private J.J.
Potts, Lieutenant G.
Power, Private J.F.
Prentice, Corporal E.
Price, Private K.E.
Pryke, Sergeant C.
Reid, Private D.W.S.
Reid, Private H.W.
Reynolds, Gunner C.
Reynolds, Gunner K.
Roache, Private W.
Roberts, Private T.
Robertson M.S.M., Sergeant A.N.
Robinson, Private E.L.
Ross, Corporal A.
Ross, Private T.C.
Ross, Private G.
Rowlands, Private F.L.
Rowlands, Private P.
Rudschies, Private W.
Scott, Lieutenant C.L.
Shepherd, Private E.
Shirley, Corporal W.
Silk, Private R.
Skuthorpe, Driver O.
Sly, Gunner M.
Sly, Lieutenant R.
Sly, Private A.
Smith, Private H.
Smith, Private J.
Smith, Private J.
Smith, Private R.C.
Smith, Sergeant R.B.
Smith, Private A.W.
Smith, Private E.
Smith, Private N.
Smith, Trooper W.
Stanley, Private A.E.
Stanley, Private A.J.
Stevens, Private J.
Stevenson, Gunner F.G.
Stevenson, Trooper W.J.
Stewart, Corporal A.H.H.
Stewart, Gunner K.F.
Stewart, Private C.
Sullivan, Corporal R.W.
Tant, Gunner F.
Threlfall., Private H.
Tierney, Driver C.
Tillott, Private J.E.
Timmins, Gunner H.
Timmins, Private A.H.
Timmins, Trooper J.
Timmins, Private T.
Travis, Brigadier General H.
Travis, Private F.
Tuckwell, Gunner F.
Upton, Private O.O.
Walker, Private V.
Walker, Private A.C.
Walker, Private G.
Wallis, Corporal E..
Wilmot, Private S.
Wilmot, Private T.E.
Wilson, Private M.
Wilson, Private R.
Wilson, Private I.
Wilson, Trooper G.A.
Witts, Private C.
Witts, Private W.
Woodhill, Private N.
Woodhill, Corporal B.M.

Map of monument:




Inscription on front face reads:


Plaque on back face reads:


Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld - October 2004.


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