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Upper Castlereagh Honor Roll - Castlereagh
Cemetery Details
Address:  Castlereagh Road
 New South Wales, Australia
Denomination:  Not applicable
Responsible Authority:  Penrith City Council
Number of Monuments:  1
Names Recorded:  
Period of Use:  Great War 1914-1918


Ahmelham, F.H.
Ahmelham, G.
Carter, F.
Carter, J.
Denniss, E.W.
Emery, J.J.F.
Field, B.C.
Field, E.G.
Griffiths, A.
Lance, E.K.
Lance, H.N.
Purcell, V.
Simpson, G.

Map of monument:



Inscription on front face reads:

Erected in honor of / the above Residents who enlisted / from Castlereagh Upper / for Active Service in the Great War / 1914 - 1918.

Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld - December 2004.


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