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Pole 5: Bushland  
Monument Details
Name:  not applicable
Died:  not applicable
Age:  not applicable
Monument:  Convicts and Early History Monument, Wisemans Ferry
Location:  Pole 5

Additional Notes:


National Parks in the Area / Look around at the beautiful Australian bushland and the spectacular sandstone / escarpment. Much of this area is conserved as national park for the protection of the / many native plants and animals that live here. / Why not explore some of these areas now or on your next journey? / Nearby Dharug National Park, on the northern side of the Hawkesbury, is renowned / for its excellent examples of the convict-built Old Great North Road. Discover the / towering buttresses and massive stone walls and imagine the hardships faced by the / convicts labouring in these remote areas. / If you're feeling adventurous, why not plan a trip to Yengo National Park, an extensive wilderness area. Visit Finchley Trig for magnificent views over the ranges / and wander past Finchley Aboriginal Site to view the rock engravings, both accessible from the township of Laguna. / Bounded by the Hawkesbury River and Berowra Creek is Marramarra National / Park. You can access this area from here via Singleton Rd. Boating and canoeing are / popular in this area. There are excellent examples of mangrove forests at Big Bay, Pumpkin Point and Gentlemans Halt.

Plants and Animals / The ridges, slopes and forest gullies in the surrounding areas ensure a rich / diversity of native plants and animals. In the rainforest gullies, tree species include red ash, ironwood and lillypilly. Kangaroo vine and giant water vine / clilmb into the forest canopy. / The variety of eucalypts and other species ensure there is a wide range of / food and shelter for the many native animals that call this area home. You / might see wombats waddling through the campsite at Mill Creek, or small / eastern horseshoe-bats roosting in the honeycomb formations of the / sandstone. / There are many tree dwelling marsupials including gliders such as the / threatened yellow-bellied glider, sugar glider and tiny feather-tailed glider.

WATCH OUT AND SLOW DOWN WHEN DRIVING / AROUND THE AREA / Close by are colonies of brush-tailed rock-wallabies that shelter in the rocky outcrops.


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