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~ July 2006 ~  


12 July CATHY McHARDY Place names of the Hawkesbury
9 August MEMBERS PRESENTATIONS Honourable or Disreputable Men in our family history
13 September JEANETTE PELOSI Murder most foul
11 October JOHN PARTRIDGE History of Gaols in NSW
8 November To be advised
13 December To be advised

Meeting held 2nd Wednesday of the month at 10am in the Tebbutt Room, Windsor Library



Due to popular demand the Library has extended the Ancestry subscription until June 2007.


National Family History Week will be celebrated in Australia from the 30th July until the 6th August 2006. Family history and genealogy are proving the most popular hobbies around the world. Family history is the second biggest subject on the web with sites receiving billions of hits per year. There are over 250,000 Australians who are members of family history related organisations so the week will have broad appeal across Australia. There will be lots of activities taking place all over the place so check out the website at www.familyhistoryweek.org.au See events at Hawkesbury below. As well as promoting family history this week has been specially chosen to precede the 2006 Census (8th August) Make sure you tell your friends, family and workmates to answer YES to Q. 60 and be aprt of the 2006 Census time capsul. Make your answer count!


Come along and check out all of the wonderful resources available at Hawkesbury for researching your family history. Church and Cemetery records, publications, manuscripts, maps and much more. Ideal for the beginner. At Hawkesbury Central Library, 300 George Street, Windsor on Wednesday 2nd August 2006, 10am to 11.30am. Free. Contact Michelle Nichols telephone 02 4560 4466 for bookings. There will also be an introduction to Using the Internet, on Thursday August 3rd from 6.30pm to 8pm.


Tuesday 8th August Interested in learning the correct way to look after your old photographs and family memorabilia?
Come along to a workshop presented by Kylie Rees of the The History Company & learn the appropriate techniques to preserve these irreplaceable materials. Discounted "Starter Kit" plus other conservation supplies available on the day. Held in the Tebbutt Room at Hawkesbury Central LIbrary 300 George Street, Windsor

COST : WORKSHOP $25 & Starter kits available for special price of $32

For bookings & enquiries Joy Shepherd ph: (02) 4571- 1524 or email Michelle on michelle.nichols@hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au
** This is a joint event between Kurrajong-Comleroy Historical Society & Hawkesbury Family History Group.


At the next meeting on Wednesday the 9 August 2006. members are invited to come along and goive small presentations (5 minutes) on the following topic "Honourable or Disreputable Men in our family history" You can bring along an item of interest or photo to accompany the talk. If you have any enquiries contact Michelle on (02) 4560-4466


15th - 17th September 2006 at Liverpool NSW. Topics include : Divorce in NSW; Lebanese in Australia; Irish Research; Jewish Research in Australia & Overseas; The East India Company; Research: “Foresight or Myopia” Key Note
Speaker: Paul Brunton, Senior Curator of the Mitchell Library Representatives from: NSW Births Deaths & Marriages; State Records; Victorian PRO. Enquiries can be addressed to Conference Conveynor, Liverpool Genealogy Society Inc. P.O. Box 830 Liverpool NSW 2170 or Info@lgs.org.au website www.lgs.org.au


A magnificent pedestrian bridge is to be built across Lake Burley Griffin in the nation’s capital to commemorate the contributions of the more than 10 million migrants who have permanently settled here in Australia since 1788.
Immigration Bridge Australia will be one of the most spectacular and beautiful bridges ever conceived in Australia, deserving of world recognition. The Bridge will be imaginative and inspiring, a national monument in conception, design, construction and function. This bridge will fulfil the recreational plans of the original designer of Canberra, Walter Burley Griffin in joining Acton Peninsula, home of the National Museum of Australia, with the Parliamentary Triangle.

In a milestone campaign for the gathering of Australian history, we will engrave the names of over 200,000 of those 10 million on the sculpted stainless steel of the Bridge handrail. This will be a highlight in a design where the surfaces will tell the stories of migration. We invite all Australians to submit the names of the original migrants in their family to be engraved on the handrail. Money raised from the History Handrail Program will go towards the Bridge’s construction. We invite all Australians to submit their families' stories of migration. We as a nation need to collect the many amazing stories of migration to Australia. As an example many post-war migrants are now getting very old and we are in danger of losing their stories. The building of the Immigration Bridge will serve as a focus for a national quest to gather stories of migration for publication in a Migration Book which will be on display on the Bridge, as well as published online. More information, see www.immigrationbridge.com.au


New Local Studies items now available to consult in the Local Studies Collection at Hawkesbury Central Library. To check the Library catalogue online go to http://catalogue.hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au/amlibweb/



Reminder about the Census that will take place in August 2006. The retention question (Q60) reads: "Does each person in this household agree to his/her name and address and other information on this form being kept by the National Archives of Australia and then made publicly available after 99 years?" If this question is ignored, it will be treated as a NO. Please encourage as many Australians as possible to answer YES in the census question concerning the retention of this vital record of the Australian culture. Unless you answer YES your census form will not be retained in the archives.


Members with internet access should check out the following interesting sites. The Library has free access to the internet, contact 4560 4460 for bookings at Windsor & 4578 2002 for Richmond bookings.

The Dharug Story © An Aboriginal History of Western Sydney by Christopher Tobin ~ http://www.didgeridoo-digeridoo-yidaki.com/aboriginal-history-dharug.html

Australian Cememeteries (Oz_Gen Link) ~ http://www.ozgenonline.com/aust_cemeteries/

Queensland (link to various sites) ~ http://www.ozgenonline.com/qld.htm

~ Let us know of sites, that you have tried with (or without) success ~


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