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Wilberforce Parochial School Roll Book 1856  
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Source:  Indexed from the late D. G. Bowd, card collection, located at Hawkesbury City Council Library
List Type:  Education
Dates Covered:  1856


Wilberforce Parochial School - Roll Book
(Fees 6/- per quarter)

Girls - June 1856

Eliza Becroft
Mary Becroft
Mary Ann Bowd
Norah Bowd
Ann Brown
Clare Brown
Isabella Brown
Ellen Bushell
Elizabeth Cavanough
Mary A. Cavanough
Ann Cross
Rosanna Cross
Susan Cross
Maria Cobcroft
Mary A. Cobcroft
Blanch Dunstan
Grace Dunstan
Rachel Dunston
Hannah Durrington
M. Durrington
Sarah Durrington
Maria Farlow
B. Gallaher
Emily Green
Kath Island
Jane King
Emma Martin
Maria Mills
Sarah Mills
Mary Mortley
Em Robinson
Rosanne Teal
Sophia Wall
Bathshe Wenban
Ruth Wenban
Cedah West
Isabel West
Elizabeth Wright
Mary Wright

Boys - May 1856

Edward Bowd
George Brown
William Brown
Richard Cavanough
Alfred Cobcroft
Charles Cobcroft
Henry Cobcroft
James Cobcroft
Stephen Crew
Stephen Cross
Ephraim Dunstan
Charles Durrington
William Durrington
Edward Gallagher
Charles Green
George Green
Philip Isalaub?
Thomas Jasper
Henry Martin
Reuben Mills
John Robinson
Benjamin West

Credits: Transcribed by Michelle Nichols - July 2005.


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