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Richmond Ambulance Division 1913
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Source:  unpublished history prepared by the late Ray Bottles in 1991
List Type:  Health
Dates Covered:  1913


Prior to the commencement of WW1, Richmond Ambulance Division was formed in 1913 with the following members :


Dr W. M. Helsham (Superintendent)
Mr W. H. L. Headford (Ambulance Officer)
Kenneth W. Sly (Secretary)
Rev W. R. Milne (Minister)
Captain William B. Douglas
Alexander Sly
M. Horan
G. S. Woodhill
A. Percival
Harold Drayton
W. Drayton
W. Allison

The group provided first aid for many events in Richmond and on the occasion of sport and recreation activities. The group also taught first aid classes. The Richmond Ambulance Division went onto become the St. John Ambulance organisation.

(This information was extracted from the unpublished history prepared by the late Ray Bottles in 1991)

Credits: Transcribed by Michelle Nichols - April 2007.


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