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St Peter's Cemetery - Greengrove
Cemetery Details
Address:  Mangrove Creek Road
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  1.1km from Wisemans Ferry Road and Mangrove Creek Road turnoff.
 Cemetery located on private property (with right of way) next to Mangrove Creek, approximately 300m from the road (on left hand side of the road, gate is 10m past the Mangrove Creek sign)
Denomination:  Church of England
Responsible Authority:  Gosford City Council
Number of Graves:  47
Names Recorded:  73
Period of Use:  1850 - 1981


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Atkins, Ann
Atkins, David Walter
Atkins, Ethel May
Atkins, Julia
Atkins, Thomas
Atkins, William
Burns, Harriet
Cox, Annie Victoria
Cox, Arthur Robert
Cox, Olga Marjory
Craft, Alice
Craft, Amelia E.
Craft, Geoffrey Thomas
Craft, Iris Irene
Craft, Jane
Craft, Joseph
Craft, Lillian May
Craft, Rebecca
Craft, Thomas
Crumpton, Ellen
Crumpton, Thomas
Donovan, John Leslie
Douglass, Sarah J.
Ellem, Elizabeth
Fotheringham, Eliza
Fotheringham, William J. E.
Goddard, John
Goddard, Mary
Hibbs, Albert Henry
Hibbs, Alice Maud
Lucey, Mary Rebecca
McKenzie, May
McKenzie, Tom
Nelson, Albert Ernest
Pemberton, Matthew
Pemberton, Sarah
Robinson, John
Singleton, Donald Kenneth
Singleton, Elizabeth
Starkey, Irene E.
Trainer, Ann
Wallbank, Elizabeth
Wallbank, Henry
Wallbank, Joseph
Wallbank, Roger
Wallbank, Sarah S.
Watkins, Frederick John
Watkins, Henry
Watkins, Isabella
Watkins, Jessie
Watkins, Matilda Ann
Watkins, Robert
Watkins, Sarah
Watkins, Thomas
Wheatley, James
White, Esther
White, James
White, William James
Wilson, Matilda Lucinda
Wilson, William
Woodbury, Arthur William
Woodbury, Jane
Woodbury, Jane Amealea
Woodbury, John T.
Woodbury, Richard

Map of cemetery:



Also known as "Greengrove Cemetery, Mangrove Creek" and "Greengrove Cemetery, Greengrove"

Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld and Michelle Nichols - December 2004.


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