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Register of Individuals without Surviving Headstones  

Ambrose, Kate
Books, John
Books [nee Hall], Mary Smith
Brown, Frederick John
Clarke [nee Hobbs], Sophia
Conlan, Charles
Dempsey, Ann
Driscoll, Archibald Leslie
Fenner [nee Clarke], Minnie Letitia
Flemming, ??
Flemming, ??
Flemming, William
Ford, Michael
Fuller, George
Gambrill [nee Ransley], Sarah
Gambrill, William
Gaskin, Matthew
Green, William
Grogan [nee Cassidy], Mary
Hearne, John
James, Humphrey [aka Whirlpool VC, Frederick]
Johnson, Frederick Ernest
Johnson [nee Moston], Pearl Violet Elizabeth Annie
Jones, John
Lamb, Michael
Law, Frederick Garnett
Mclean, Eliza
Mclean, Mary
Monnelly, Anthony
Moran [nee Howe formerly Harrison], Catherine
Moran [nee Kelly], Catherine
Morris, John Chapman
Myers, Frederick
Pendergast, Norbert Napaleon
Pendergast, William John
Pettitt, Helen (Ellen) Sarah
Pettitt, William Henry
Reilly, Ellen
Ritchie, Jennet
Sh??, Edwin
Simmons, Elizabeth
Simmons, Louisa
Simmons, Richard
Sullivan [nee Stubbs], Elizabeth
Sullivan, Jeremiah
Sutton, Thomas
Walsh, Austin John
West, Benjamin
West, William
William, Samuel
Wilson, James
Wilson, William Thomas
Woods, Henry James
Yates [nee Keyes], Louisa


This particular cemetery register list, records individuals that are buried in Hawkesbury Cemeteries where no headstones exist today.

Information contained within has been compiled by research undertaken by Jonathan Auld and Michelle Nichols as well as other contributors, collated from various public sources, as well as copies of death certificates submitted to the Hawkesbury on the Net: Cemetery Register team by family researchers.

If you would like to help contribute information on an individual that does not have a surviving headstone feel free to mail information (ie. copies of death certificates) to us at:

Hawkesbury on the Net: Cemetery Register
PO Box 246
Windsor NSW 2756

...not forgetting to let us know your details - to make it easier to make a submission, we have provided a submission form that you can download and printout; or alternatively fill in the online form and submit your information electronically.


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