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St Matthews Anglican Cemetery - Windsor
Cemetery Details
Address:  1 Moses Street
 New South Wales, Australia
Location:  Cemetery is bounded by Moses Street and Greenway Crescent.
Denomination:  Anglican
Responsible Authority:  St Matthews Anglican Church
Number of Graves:  
Names Recorded:  
Period of Use:  



Abel, Benjamin
Acheson, William
Adams, Grace Muriel
Adams, James
Ahern, Hercules
Ahern, Ida Maud
Akins, Hannah
Akins, John William
Akins, Stephen
Alcorn, Ada Isobel (Pat)
Alcorn, Ada Louisa
Alcorn, Alfred Ernest (Ernest)
Alcorn, Alfred Robert
Alcorn, Alfred Thomas (Tom)
Alcorn, Allan Colin
Alcorn, Ann Jane
Alcorn, Clarence Stedman
Alcorn, Eliza Jane
Alcorn, Elizabeth Sarah
Alcorn, Florence May
Alcorn, Francis James
Alcorn, Horace Andrew (Jack)
Alcorn, Ivy Eileen
Alcorn, John
Alcorn, John Edward
Alcorn, Lawrence Edward
Alcorn, Mary Ann
Alcorn, Mary Ann
Alcorn, Minnie Madeline
Alcorn, Neville Roy
Alcorn, Olive May
Alcorn, Richard
Alcorn, Samuel Ronald (Joe)
Alcorn, Sarah
Alcorn, William Henry
Alcorn, William Richard
Alderson, Charlotte
Alderson, Edward
Alderton, Ernest Robin (Pat)
Alexander, Elizabeth
Alexander, Jean Monica
Alexander, John
Alexander, Robert Murdock Lawrance
Allen, Emily Ann
Allen, Freda Clarinda
Allen, Frederick Percival
Allen, Henry Ernest
Allen, John
Allen, John Joseph
Allen, Joseph James
Allen, Lance Frederick
Allen, Lucy Ann
Allen, Martha Isabella
Allen, Mary Ann Margaret
Allen, Prosper
Allen, Reginald George
Allen, William John
Alsop, Agnes MacKellar
Alsop, Jock
Amos, George Eric
Amos, Phyllis Marion (Dolly)
Ancel, George Henry
Ancel, Margaret
Andrews, Alice
Andrews, Arthur Harold
Andrews, Harold Rolestone
Andrews, Harriet Ethel
Andrews, Walter John
Andriske, Desmond
Andriske, Doris Alicia Henrietta
Andriske, Frederick August (August)
Andriske, Mary Louisa
Andriske, William Samuel
Anstice, Gordon Charles
Appleby, Kenneth James
Archibald, Marlene [nee Hudson]
Argent, Jeffrey
Armour, Julia
Armour, William
Arms, Dorothy
Armstrong, Alfred
Armstrong, Allan Ernest
Armstrong, Clara
Armstrong, Elizabeth Catherine
Armstrong, Ernest Daniel
Armstrong, Eva Clara
Armstrong, George Frederick [Pte]
Armstrong, Ida
Armstrong, Izetta
Armstrong, Jean
Armstrong, Jessie Maud
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, John Jones
Armstrong, John Silvester
Armstrong, Joyce Maud
Armstrong, Leo Ernest
Armstrong, Lisle Stuart
Armstrong, Lorna Maudie
Armstrong, Margaret
Armstrong, Mary Jane
Armstrong, Myrtle May
Armstrong, Oscar Russell
Armstrong, Pamela Helene Sylvia
Armstrong, Reuben George
Armstrong, Robert Charles
Armstrong, Ruby Izetta
Armstrong, Russell Hodge
Armstrong, William James
Armstrong, William Thomas
Arndell, Elizabeth
Arndell, James Thomas
Arndell, Thomas
Arnold, Dulcie
Arnold, William Clifford
Ascough, Mary
Ashcraft, Emma Francis
Ashton, Mary Ann
Aspery, Claude Hamilton
Aspery, Myra Kathleen
Austin, Amy
Austin, Gurnard Andrew
Avery, Frederick Ernest
Avery, Louise Jean
Axon, Bertha May
Axon, William
Backler, Joseph Henry
Bacon, Olga Isabel
Bailey, Ann
Bailey, Catherine Cecilia
Bailey, Emma
Bailey, George
Bailey, John
Bailey, John Thomas
Bailey, Leonard Irving [Pte]
Bailey, Maria Elizabeth
Bailey, Robert Erwin
Bailey, Thomas
Bain, Albert Edward
Bainton Flt. Lt., Brian
Baker, Alan Edward
Baker, Alice Elizabeth
Baker, Amy Amelia
Baker, Edna Florence
Baker, George Alfred
Baker, Henry Francis (Harry)
Baker, Jean Mary
Baker, Linda Mary
Baker, Maria Jane (Cis)
Baker, Mary
Baker, Richard Joseph
Baker, Wilfred Wallace
Baker, William James
Baker, William James Charles
Baldwin, Alfred Harvest
Baldwin, Bona
Baldwin, Charles George B.
Baldwin, Dio
Baldwin, Edwin
Baldwin, George
Baldwin, Harvest
Baldwin, Kezia
Baldwin, Kezia
Baldwin, Louisa
Baldwin, Phoebe
Baldwin, Susan
Baldwin, Wellow
Baldwin, William
Baldwin, William Wynne
Ball, Miriam Norma Heather
Bamford, John Lawrie
Band, Charles Reoch (Reoch)
Barker, Eliza
Barker, George
Barker, John
Barnard, James Walter
Barnet, Daniel
Barnett, Benjamin
Barnett, Esther
Barnett, Jeannie Isabell
Barnett, Lewis Benjamin
Barnett, Susan
Barter, Martha
Barter, Matilda
Barter, Thomas
Bartle, Mary
Bartle, William H.
Bartley, Dorothy May
Barwick, James Eli
Barwick, Lancelot Laban
Barwick, Maria
Bass, Frank William
Bass, James Charles Russel (Charlie)
Bateman, Frances (Fanny)
Bathgate, Brenda
Bathgate, Donald Douglas
Baylis, Ann
Baylis, Jane Thomas
Baylis, Joseph
Baylis, William Thomas
Bayliss, John
Beasley, Charles
Beasley, Henry
Beasley, Mary
Becke, Adelaide Mary Ann
Becke, Beryl Marion
Becke, William Henry Hughes
Becroft, Nancy Irene
Becroft, Warren Bruce
Beddek, Elizabeth
Beddek, Francis
Beecroft, Netta Margaret
Beecroft, Stephen Roy
Beed, Arthur Harold
Beed, Thelma Kathleen
Beedall, James
Beedall, Jemima
Bell [nee Mollie Turnbull], Vera May
Bell, Keith Benn
Bell, Maria
Bell, William
Bellamy, Florence Ann
Bellamy, Walter Charles
Benn, John
Bennett, Bert
Bennett, John
Bennett, Linda
Bentley, Stanley Graham
Bentley, Sylvia Joan
Berckelman, Arthur
Berckelman, Bessie
Berckelman, Mary Ann
Berckelman, May
Berry, Fred
Berry, Violet Aimee
Berry-Jerome, Aiden Thomas
Berry-Jerome, Jacob Allan
Best, Evelyn
Best, Walter Samuel
Bettler, Joseph Willy
Betts, Henrietta Adelaide (Hetty)
Betts, John James Arbourn
Betts, Margaret Erskine
Betts, Ormond Morton
Beveridge, Bertie Dunston
Beveridge, Elizabeth
Beveridge, Ernest
Beveridge, Ida
Beveridge, Jessie Muriel
Beveridge, Keith Greig
Beveridge, Peter
Bevitt, Charles Gosper
Bevitt, Thomas
Biasatti, Kay Irene
Billington, Frederick
Billington, Millicent
Bivett, Harriet
Blachford, Susanna
Black, George
Blacket, Evangeline Lily
Blackett, Henry Donald (Harry)
Blackett, Thomas George (Tom)
Bladdy, Ann
Blanchard, Elizabeth
Blanchard, Walter
Blew, Alan Frederick
Blew, Dorothy Florence
Blundell, George Manning
Blundell, Hannah Elizabeth
Bock, Ferdinand
Bock, Johanna Christina Wilhelmina (Wilhelmina)
Boesen, Hans
Bolsover, Elizabeth
Bolsover, Joseph
Bonus, Richard James
Bonus, Stanley Roy Hurst
Booth, Esther Amelia
Booth, Henry T.
Booth, Norman Selfe
Bosanquet, Heather Letheby
Boswell M.M. & 2 Bars, William Walter
Boswell, Sarah Jane
Bottle, Edith Ivy
Bottles, Carlton Leslie
Bow, Fong Tim
Bowd, Ann
Bowd, Clara Jane
Bowd, Henry Napoleon
Bowd, Jean Elsie Armour
Bowd, Neil Bruce
Bowd, Stanley Palmer
Bowd, Stanley Victor Dalkeith (Keith) [Driver]
Bowd, Tristram James
Bowen, Hayden Seymour
Bowles, William Abington
Bowley, Lavina Ann
Bowley, Milner Clyde
Bowley, William Doggett
Bowlin, Alexander Edward
Bowlin, Catherine
Bowlin, Eliza
Bowlin, John
Bowlin, John
Bowlin, John Edward
Bowlin, Lilly Mary
Bowlin, Mary
Bowman, Annie
Bowman, Annie Amy Elizabeth
Bowman, Edgar John Barker
Bowman, Emma Mary (Mary)
Bowman, Frederick William
Bowman, Gertrude Mary
Bowman, Jessie Maud
Bowman, Leslie Edgar
Bowman, Walter John
Boyd, Annie Frances
Boyd, Beryl Eileen
Boyd, George
Boyd, Mary Ivy (Ivy)
Boyd, Sarah Ann
Boyter, Sarah Jane Elizabeth
Brabyn, John [Captain]
Bradhurst, Frank Simmonds
Bradhurst, Winifred
Bradly, Emma Pearl
Bradly, Harriette Matilda
Bradly, William Clayton
Bragg, Mary Ann
Brancker, Alfred Francis
Brancker, Elizabeth Australia Stewart
Bray, Reginald George
Bray, Thomas William
Bray, William George
Breden, Marion Jackson
Bremner, Allan James
Brennan, Warren J.
Brennen, Austin
Brewer, John
Brewer, Mercy Reynolds
Brewer, Samuel
Broderick, Margaret
Brooks, Catherine Lavinia Maria
Brooks, Edward
Brooks, Ernest Edward James - Private
Brooks, Horace William
Broome, Allistair Fraser
Broome, Elizabeth Margaret
Broome, George Alston
Broome, Ivor Alston
Broome, Joyce May
Broome, Warwick John
Broughton, Thomas
Brown, Boyallie Samio (Sam)
Brown, Daniel
Brown, Elizabeth Ann
Brown, Evelynne Ella
Brown, James Bordley
Brown, Joan Marie
Brown, John
Brown, John A.
Brown, Joyce Ida
Brown, Leslie Thomas
Brown, Lynette Anne
Brown, Mary
Brown, Pearlie Melvena
Brown, Thomas Arthur
Brown, Victor Aubrey
Brown, William John Percy (Percy)
Brownell, Eric Lindsay Douglas - Major
Bruce, John James
Bruce, Percy Henry
Buckley, Arthur Sydney
Buckridge, Daniel
Buckridge, Emily
Buckridge, Henry Roland
Bull, Emily Frances Eileen
Bullock, John Raymond
Bullock, Mervyn Keith
Bullock, Reuben Barnard
Bullock, Ruby Florence
Bunce, Margaret
Burch [nee Campbell], Dorcas Olivia
Burch [nee Campbell], Dorcas Olivia
Burch, Frances
Burch, Harold Derwent
Burch, James Drury
Burchell, Thomas
Burden, Frederick Charles
Burden, Lavetta
Burke, William Roy
Burton, Amelia Emily
Burton, Bruce Ronald
Burton, Catherine Anne
Burton, Cecil James
Burton, Doris Kathleen
Burton, Elizabeth
Burton, Emma
Burton, Frederick John
Burton, Harold
Burton, James Charles
Burton, Jeanette
Burton, John
Burton, John
Burton, Maria
Burton, Mary
Burton, Percy Eric
Burton, Percy James
Burton, Reginald
Burton, Vera Mabel
Burton, Vera May (May)
Burton, Winifred Joan (Joan)
Bush, Eva Gladys
Bush, George Frederick
Bush, Keith Russell Harry
Bushell, Beatrice Maud
Bushell, Claude William
Bushell, Ethel Gwendoline
Bushell, George Thomas
Bushell, Isabella
Bushell, Jane
Bushell, Joshua Aubrey (Aubrey)
Bushell, Joshua Herbert
Bushell, Mary (Minnie)
Bushell, Rosehannah Ellen
Bushell, Wallace
Butler, Aimee
Butler, Annie Florence
Butler, Colin Edgar
Butler, Coral May
Butler, Duncan
Butler, Edward
Butler, Emma Matilda
Butler, Evangeline Albina Elizabeth (Eva)
Butler, Florence Jean
Butler, John Thomas
Butler, Ruby May
Butler, Sarah Ann
Butt, Lilian
Butt, Pamela Lilian
Butt, Phillip Grylls
Buttsworth, Ann
Buttsworth, George Thomas
Buttsworth, Norman George
Buxton, Ronald William
Byram, Amy Alberta
Byram, Charles Henry
Byram, Eliza
Byram, James Cooper
Byram, James Robertson
Byram, Laura Kate
Byrne, Catherine
Byrnes, Arthur Stanley
Byrnes, Caroline
Byrnes, Edith Maude
Byrnes, William Henry
Caddan, Harriet
Caldecott, Annie
Cambridge, Alfred Lenard
Cambridge, Alfred Stanley
Cambridge, Alice Amelia
Cambridge, Beatrice Elizabeth
Cambridge, Carrie
Cambridge, Cecil Bruce
Cambridge, Charles
Cambridge, Clive (Nipper)
Cambridge, Edna Jessie
Cambridge, Eileen Mary
Cambridge, Elizabeth
Cambridge, Jack
Cambridge, Jessie Isabel
Cambridge, John Waldon
Cambridge, Kathleen Helen
Cambridge, Lawrence Price
Cambridge, Rolf Charles
Cambridge, Ruby Kathleen
Cambridge, Thomas
Cambridge, Thomas [Snr.]
Cambridge, Thomas William
Cammack, Alfred
Campbell, Ada Dorothy
Campbell, Ada Florence
Campbell, Amy Ellen
Campbell, Clifford Vincent
Campbell, Jemima C.
Campbell, Matilda
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Thomas Fleming
Cant, Noel Hamilton
Carloss, John
Carmichael, Ian MacLaren Bruce
Carr, Sarah Jane
Carrington, Horatio Nelson
Carrington, Jeannetta Caroline
Carroll, Caroline
Carroll, Caroline Mary
Carroll, Elizabeth Ann
Carroll, Lucy
Carroll, Mary
Carroll, Mary Caroline
Carroll, Peter
Carter, Alice Louisa Bertha
Carter, Anne Lorimer
Carter, Valentine George
Carter, William Francis
Cartwright, Royal Earl
Cartwright, Thomas William
Cartwright, Vera Maude
Case, Alfred
Case, Arthur Edmund
Case, Darcy Ernest
Case, Doris Ida
Case, Florence Edith
Case, Florence Maria
Case, Herbert James
Case, Herbert William (Pat)
Case, John Henry
Case, John Oscar
Case, Katherine Maria
Case, Leslie William
Case, Martha Emmaline
Case, Patricia Erna
Case, Sarah
Case, Thomas William (William)
Case, Victor
Case, Walter Hilton
Cashmore, Doris Thelma
Caterson, John Thomas
Cawthorne, Douglas Forde
Ceissman, Elizabeth Caroline Ruby
Ceissman, John Mortimer
Challenger, Arthur Roy
Challenger, Esme Kathleen
Chamberlain, Evelyn Maud
Chamberlain, Florence Evelyn
Chamberlain, George William
Chamberlain, William Henry
Champion, Harriet
Champion, Thomas
Chandler, Ada Jane
Chandler, Clarice Elizabeth (Claire)
Chandler, Donald
Chandler, Doreen Ada
Chandler, Edith Elizabeth
Chandler, Edith Josephine
Chandler, Edward
Chandler, Keith Gordon
Chandler, Percy James
Chanter, Gertrude May
Chanter, John William
Chapman, Annie Mary
Chapman, Arthur Alfrred
Chapman, Charles
Chapman, Elizabeth
Chapman, Muriel Maude Hannah
Chappell, Daisy Laura
Chappell, John Gilbert
Charles, Jane
Charlton, Ann
Charlton, John
Charlton, Robert
Chaseling, Alice Jane
Chaseling, Arthur Henry Phillip
Chaseling, Catherine
Chaseling, Elizabeth Johanna
Chaseling, Elsie May
Chaseling, Mary
Chaseling, Thomas
Chaseling, Wilfred George
Chave, George
Cheeseman, Ellen Margaret (Elsie)
Chignell, Catherine Sarah
Clark, Bertie Stewart [ Driver]
Clark, Charles Henry
Clark, Eileen Gladys
Clark, Elizabeth Margaret (Margaret)
Clark, George
Clark, Isaac Charles
Clark, James
Clark, James Edward
Clark, John
Clark, Juanita Eliza
Clark, Maria
Clark, Mary Ann
Clark, Susannah
Clark, Thomas
Clark, William Arthur
Clark, William Henry
Clark, William John Thomas
Clarke, Blanche
Clarke, Charles Henry
Clarke, Charles Hitchen
Clarke, Colin Edward
Clarke, Graham Allan
Clarke, Lily Elizabeth
Clarke, Mary Ann
Clarke, Stanley
Clarkson, Phyllis Eileen
Clay, Thomas Roland
Clay, Victoria Sarah
Clements, Betty Jay
Clements, Pearlie Grace
Cleminson, Mary Jane May
Cleminson, Mavis Beryl
Clisdell [nee Gosper], Lala C.
Clout, Edith May
Clout, Edward Thomas
Clout, Jessie
Clout, Sarah Ann
Clout, William John
Coates, Elizabeth Medora
Coates, John Charles
Cobcroft, Emily Florence
Cobcroft, George Hamilton
Cobcroft, Gertrude
Cobcroft, Harrie Cleveland
Cobcroft, Harriet Emmeline
Cobcroft, Richard William
Cobcroft, Thomas Aubrey
Cobcroft, Thomas Frederick
Coleman, Kenneth James
Coley, Matilda
Coley, Richard
Colless, Elijah
Colless, Leslie
Colless, Mary
Collett, Mervyn
Collier, Lynette Joy
Collier, Nicholas Perfield
Collins, Edward Trevallyn
Collins, George Thomas
Collins, Mary
Collins, Murial Clarice
Collins, Strafford George (Stratty)
Collins, Trevallyn Arthur
Collison, Ethel Annie
Collison, Frederick William
Comans, Florence Augusta
Commons, Susan
Commons, William
Conelan, Olive
Connell, Winifred
Connelly, Hannah
Connolly, Emily Eva
Conway, Doreen May
Conway, Peter
Cook, Vera A.
Cook, William L.
Cooper, Beryl Elaine
Cope, Joseph
Cope, Maria
Cope, William
Cordner, Allan Edward
Cordner, Gladys Rosina
Cormack, Melba Joan
Cornwell, Charles Henry
Cornwell, Charlie [Memorial]
Cornwell, Frank Hurtle
Cornwell, Jessie
Cornwell, Mary
Coventry, Robert
Cox J.P., William
Cox, Ann
Cox, Archibald Eric
Cox, Elizabeth
Cox, Eric Jack Beaumont
Cox, George Frederick
Cox, John
Cox, Mary
Cox, Mary Ann
Cox, Mervyn George Beaumont
Cox, Noreen Olive
Cox, Rebecca
Cox, Richard
Cox, Richard
Cox, Richard Stephen
Cox, Samuel
Cox, Samuel John
Cox, Samuel Joseph
Cragg, Allan
Cragg, Olive Isabel
Cramp, Joseph Phillip
Crawford, Tony
Creef, Frances Jane
Crook, Janice Rayne
Cross, Alexander
Cross, Charlotte
Cross, David
Cross, Elizabeth
Cross, Elizabeth Mary Ann
Cross, John
Cross, Mary
Cross, Sarah
Cross, William
Culpan, Kathleen Mary
Cupitt, Agnes May
Cupitt, Albert John
Cupitt, Amelia Jane
Cupitt, Annie Elizabeth
Cupitt, Barbara Mary
Cupitt, Bertram Ronald
Cupitt, Clarence George
Cupitt, Edward James
Cupitt, Eleanor Maud
Cupitt, Elizabeth
Cupitt, Elizabeth Ellen
Cupitt, Elizabeth Jane
Cupitt, Elizabeth Margaret
Cupitt, Ellen Euwretta
Cupitt, Ellie May
Cupitt, Ernest Henry
Cupitt, Frederick Augustus
Cupitt, Frederick William
Cupitt, George
Cupitt, George
Cupitt, George
Cupitt, Gertie Elizabeth
Cupitt, Guy Franklin
Cupitt, Henry Roland
Cupitt, Herbert Upton
Cupitt, James
Cupitt, Jemima
Cupitt, Joan
Cupitt, John
Cupitt, John
Cupitt, John James
Cupitt, Leslie Albert
Cupitt, Lilian Frances
Cupitt, Lilian May
Cupitt, Lily Ann
Cupitt, Louisa Ann
Cupitt, Mary
Cupitt, Mary Ann
Cupitt, Nellie Elizabeth
Cupitt, Pearl
Cupitt, Rita Gladys
Cupitt, Sophia
Cupitt, Sydney Tarleton
Cupitt, Thomas
Cupitt, Thomas Albert
Cupitt, Wallace Edgar
Cupitt, Wallace Robert
Curl, Alice Edna
Curl, Aubrey Atholstan
Curl, Bryson
Curl, Ellen May
Curl, George
Curl, John Henry
Curl, Norma Edith
Curl, Phyllis Bessie
Curl, Roy
Curl, Stanley George
Curtis, Barbara Maria
Curtis, George
Curtis, Grace (Cissie)
Curtis, Henry
Curtis, James William
Curtis, Martha
Curtis, Minnie
Curtis, Nina Beatrice
Curtis, Norman Landoff
Curtis, William John
Cusbert, Clara
Cusbert, Claude Stanley
Cusbert, James Lesley
Cusbert, Joseph Henry
Cushway, Charles John
Cusley, Benjamin
Cusley, Phoebe Mary Ann
Dagg, Margaret Ann
Daley, Alfred James
Daley, Charles
Daley, Isabel May
Daley, Margaret Harriett
Daley, Mavis
Daley, Peggy
Daley, Susan
Daley, Susannah
Dalton, Alfred
Dalton, Rosena
Dancey, Mary
Dargin, Albert Sydney (Sydney)
Dargin, Eliza Charlotte
Dargin, Eliza Charlotte
Dargin, Eric John
Dargin, Ernest Edrick
Dargin, James
Dargin, James
Dargin, Louisa Mary
Dargin, Mary Sophia
Dargin, Ronald Jack
Dargin, Sophia
Dargin, Sophia Jane
Dargin, Thomas
Dargin, Thomas
Dargin, Venice Maud
Darke B.E.M., Henry Bowring
Darke, Peggy Atkins Critcher
Darnell [nee Kraft], Petra Linda
Davidson, Robert Williams
Davies, Charles Moss
Davies, John
Davies, John William
Davies, Netta Maud
Davis, Annie
Davis, Charles
Davis, Charlotte Maude
Davis, Christopher
Davis, Christopher
Davis, Edith Victoria
Davis, Edna
Davis, Edward James
Davis, Eliza
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Elizabeth Jane
Davis, Elizabeth Sarah Isabella
Davis, Frederick
Davis, George
Davis, George Bethel
Davis, George Henry
Davis, James
Davis, James
Davis, Jane Taylor
Davis, John
Davis, John
Davis, John
Davis, Joseph Thomas
Davis, Lucy
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary
Davis, Richard
Davis, Sarah Page
Davis, Tristram John
Davis, William
Davis, William
Dawes, Elizabeth
Dawson, Ada Lucinda
Dawson, Georgina Mary
Dawson, Henrietta
Dawson, John Armstrong
Dawson, John Henry
Dawson, Sarah Ann
Day, Charles
Day, Mabelle Florence Magee
Day, William George
De Renaudes, Jean Thurza
Dean, Clarice Charlotte
Dean, Cora Millicent
Dean, Ernest Oswald (Chook)
Dean, Joyce Irene
Dean, Oswald Sidney
Dean, Sybil
Deane P.P.PHD.K.M.OBJ, Bernard S.L.
Debay, Edith May
Dempsey, Rosalie
Denzel, Rosie May
Dettmer, William
Dickins, Ann
Dickins, Jane
Dickins, Sarah
Dickinson, Doreen Isabel
Dickson, George Henry
Dickson, John
Dickson, John Henry [Driver]
Dickson, Mary Jane
Dixon, Marie Claire
Dodd, Amelia Caroline
Dodd, George Benjamin
Dodd, John
Donnelly, Ida Annie
Dorset, James
Dorset, Margaret
Dorset, Mary Ann
Douglas, Amelia Theresa
Douglas, Leslie Walter
Douglass, Greta Beryl
Douglass, James Ernest
Douglass, Reginald (Curly)
Douglass, Sarah Maria
Douglass, Thomas Frederick
Doust, Blanche Emily
Dowe, William Henry
Dowell, Norman Orvil
Downes, Eva Bella
Downes, Francis Arthur
Downie, Hamilton John (Tony)
Doyle, Andrew
Doyle, James George
Doyle, Sophia Isabella
Drake, Ellen
Drake, Herbert
Drake, Phyllis Lorraine
Drayton, Annie
Drayton, Arthur
Drayton, Frederick Samuel
Drew, Mary Jane
Drew, Robert
Druitt, Linda May
Druitt, Richard Charles
Druitt, Thomas Francis
Du Vernet, George Grenville
Dubbelde, Bertha Emily Emelia
Dubbelde, Evert Everetts
Duff [nee Mitchell], Jean Alison
Duley, Wilson
Duncombe, Elizabeth Henrietta
Duncombe, Matilda
Duncombe, Pearlie May
Dunn, Frank
Dunn, Harriet Isabel
Dunn, Thomas France
Dunsmore, David
Dunstan, Alfred Charles
Dunstan, Charlotte
Dunstan, Charlotte Maria
Dunstan, David
Dunstan, David Charles
Dunstan, David Charles
Dunstan, Frederick George
Dunstan, George Alfred
Dunstan, Hazel Lillian
Dunstan, James Henry
Dunstan, Jewel
Dunstan, John Thomas
Dunstan, Louisa Caroline
Dunstan, Lucy Ann
Dunstan, Maria
Dunstan, Maria
Dunstan, Maria Jane
Dunstan, Oswald Arthur
Dunstan, Richard
Dunstan, Richard William
Dunstan, Robert
Dunstan, Sophia
Dunstan, William
Dunstan, William Charles
Dunston, Elizabeth Ann
Dunston, Frederick John
Dunston, Frederick John (Bill)
Dunston, Polly Mildred
Dunston, Stanley Carl
Durham, James
Durham, William
Durrington, Emanuel Isiah
Durrington, Izetta Lavinia
Dutfield, Edward
Dyer, Elizabeth Ann
Dyer, Emile Ezra Treviling
Dyer, Hubert Richard Salisbury
Dyer, Samuel Ezra
Eadie, Daphne Frankland
Eather M.M., Frederick Reuben [Gunner]
Eather, Caroline Margaret
Eather, Charles Frederick
Eather, Charlotte Matilda
Eather, Clara Ridge
Eather, Daphne Alvina
Eather, Frank Hylton
Eather, Harry
Eather, Hilda Mary
Eather, Leslie James
Eather, Martha Ridge
Eather, Muriel Jean
Eather, Noel Curly
Eather, Thomas
Eather, Victor Claude
Economides, Ivy Austral
Edgerton, Samuel
Edmends, Janice
Edmonds, Arthur William Charles
Edmonds, Zillah Susannah
Edwards, Ella Dunston
Edwards, Emily Jane
Edwards, Emma
Edwards, Janys Mary
Edwards, Mabel Irene
Edwards, Margaret
Edwards, Mary Elizabeth
Edwards, Maud Alma Winifreid
Edwards, Percy Dunston
Edwards, Richard
Edwards, Richard
Edwards, Susan Bennet
Edwards, Thomas
Edwards, William Bennet
Edwards, William Hall
Egan, Bernard Roger
Egan, Emily Abbott
Egan, Mary Elizabeth
Egginton, Frances Jane
Egginton, Lionel Oliver Vincent
Eggleton, Emily Maude
Eggleton, Robert
Eley, Mary Edith
Elias, Harriet
Elkins, Mathew Andrew
Elliott [nee Watts], Victoria Elizabeth
Elliott, Elizabeth Maud
Elliott, Gregory Alan
Elliott, Joseph
Elliott, Mary
Elliott, Ruby Grace
Ellis, Alice Elizabeth
Ellis, Alice Jane
Ellis, John
Emerton, Ada Emily
Emerton, Elizabeth
Emerton, George
Emerton, George
Emerton, William
Espley, Vera Catherine
Ethell, Alfred George
Ethell, Margaret Selina
Evans, Cecil John
Evans, Edna
Evans, Emily Fitzgerald
Evans, George Fitzgerald
Evans, Helen Madge
Evans, Robert Fitzgerald
Evans, Robert Sydney
Everest, Frederick George
Everingham, Matthew
Everingham, Reuben
Ewens M.M., Wallace Wilfred
Ewens, Florence Merian
Ewing, Lucy
Ewing, Sarah Jane
Ewing, Stephen James
Ezzy, Barbara Agnes
Ezzy, Catherine
Ezzy, Charles
Ezzy, Charles
Ezzy, John Frederick
Ezzy, Nellie Isobel/Isabel
Ezzy, Reginald James
Ezzy, Rowland/Roland
Ezzy, Sydney Roy
Fane, Daniel
Farey, Edward Downton
Farey, Josephine Maud
Farlow, Alwyn Edgar
Farlow, Arthur Lloyd
Farlow, Beryl Joan
Farlow, Catherine Ann
Farlow, Claude Darcy
Farlow, Ena Reris
Farlow, Frank Hurtle
Farlow, Frederick John
Farlow, Harold James
Farlow, Henry Thomas
Farlow, Hilda
Farlow, Ida
Farlow, Irene Angelina
Farlow, Keith Charles
Farlow, Louisa May
Farlow, Olive Myra
Farlow, Ossery Roland
Farlow, Roy Russell
Farlow, William Roland
Farrell, Charles Henry
Farrell, Christina
Farrell, Elizabeth
Farrell, Enid Madge
Farrell, James
Farrell, Roy
Farrell, Thomas Keith
Faulkner, John Robert
Faviell, Arthur Ernest
Faviell, Bluebell Audrey Vernon
Faviell, Ellen Constance
Faviell, Jack Riverstone
Feeney, Mabel Maud
Fell, Joseph Ion
Fennell, Blanche
Fennell, Stanley Edward Leslie
Ferguson, Richard
Fernley, William Robert Cooper
Fettell, Beverley James
Fewings, Alfred John
Fewings, Charles Edward
Fewings, Ethel May
Fewings, Frederick John
Fewings, James Cornelius
Fewings, John
Fewings, Mary Ann
Fewings, Minnie Cathleen
Fewings, Thelma Isobel
Fewings, William Andrew
Field, Shirley Winifred
Firth Snr., Harry Newby
Firth, Lillian May
Fisher, Frederick
Fisher, Wilma Rose
Fitz, George Theo
Fitz, Walker Richard
Fitzgerald Jnr., Richard
Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Henrietta
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzgerald, Mary
Fitzgerald, Mary
Fitzgerald, Richard
Fitzgerald, Robert
Fitzgerald, Robert Marsden
Fitzpatrick, Albert Edward Horatio
Fitzpatrick, Mildred Hannah Martha
Fitz-Simons, Audrey Della
Flanagan, Emma
Flanagan, Robert
Flanagan, William
Fletcher, Dorset Laurence Oswald
Fletcher, Dulcie Freda May (Freda)
Flood, Kezia
Flood, Michael
Foley, Katherine Bridget
Ford, Albert John
Ford, Charles
Ford, Charlotte
Ford, Elizabeth Mary
Ford, Ivy Valda May
Ford, John
Ford, John William Leslie
Ford, Mary Jane Elizabeth
Ford, May
Ford, Minnie May
Ford, Reginald John
Ford, Sidney George
Forest, Austin Alexander [Captain]
Forgie, Irene Ruth Raith (Rae)
Forrest, Eliza Mary
Forrester, George
Forrester, Hannah
Forrester, Henry
Forrester, John
Forrester, Louisa
Forrester, Lucy
Forrester, Maria
Forrester, Robert
Forrester, Robert
Forrester, Robert Henry
Forrester, William
Forrester, William James
Foster, Alfred Alexander
Franks [nee Mitchell], Iris Elsie
Franks, Leslie Norman
Fraser, Colin Hugh
Fraser, Mavis Isabel
Fraser, Sarah Ann
Freebody, Mary
Freebody, Simon
Freeman, Ada
Freeman, Charles Tarlton
Freeman, Elsie Susannah
Freeman, Esme Dorothy
Freeman, George
Freeman, George
Freeman, Isetta
Freeman, Lusy
Freeman, Mary Ann
Freeman, Richard William
Freeman, Samuel
Freeman, Sarah
Freeman, Thomas
Freeman, William Charles
Freeman, William Charles
Freeman, Willie
Freer [nee Hunt], Daisy Ivy Jean
Frost, Charlotte Klara Wilhelmine
Frost, Jack
Frost, Robert Raleigh
Frost, Urith Victoria
Frost, William Robert
Gadd, Ann
Gallaher, Emily Alice
Gardiner [nee Campbell], Marjorie Lilian
Gardiner [nee Campbell], Marjorie Lillian
Gardiner, Alice May
Gardiner, Charlotte
Gardiner, Clara Gertrude
Gardiner, Frederick Colin
Gardiner, Frederick James
Gardiner, Henry James
Gardiner, James
Gardiner, James
Gardiner, James Henry
Gardiner, John Henry
Gardiner, Maud Mary
Gardiner, Minnie Florence
Gardiner, Robert
Gardiner, Stuart
Gardiner, Una (Kit)
Garnish, Ida Bessie Madeline
Garnish, William Alfred Percy
Garrad, Daniel Claude
Garrad, Dorothy
Garrad, Flora
Garrad, Lola
Garrad, Oliver James
Gaudry, William Henry
Gaudry, William Littleton
Geake, Ina May
Geake, Sylvia Rosetta
Gedgawd, Elizabeth Ann
George, Henry
George, Joyce May
Gilbert, Kevan
Giles, Walter Boyer
Gill, Agnes
Gill, Cecil James
Gill, Edgar Ernest
Gillard, Alfred Ernest Albert
Gillard, Gordon Alfred Samuel
Gillard, Gwendolyn Mary May
Gillard, Jessie Edith Maud
Gillard, Louise Constance
Gillespie [nee Roberts], Bess Edna
Gillespie O.B.E., Victor William
Glen, Thomas
Glynn, Shirley Lorraine
Godfrey, James
Goodwin [nee Rutter], Elsie Gladys
Gordon, Elizabeth
Gordon, Evelyn Grace
Gordon, George Augustus
Gordon, Maria Susan
Gordon, Susan
Gormack, Lawrence Olivant
Gosper Jnr., John Thomas
Gosper Snr., John
Gosper, Benjamin
Gosper, Charles
Gosper, Charles Edward
Gosper, Charles John
Gosper, Charles Sloper
Gosper, Colleen Lynette
Gosper, Cyril Frank
Gosper, David
Gosper, Diana Blanche
Gosper, Elizabeth
Gosper, Eva Blanche
Gosper, Eva Mary Ann
Gosper, Gordon Hipwell (Jim)
Gosper, Grace
Gosper, Hannah Beal
Gosper, James
Gosper, James
Gosper, Jesse
Gosper, John Thomas
Gosper, Louisa Grace
Gosper, Margaret
Gosper, Mary Ann
Gosper, Maude Mary
Gosper, Sarah
Gosper, Victor Alfred
Gosper, Vilma Lenore
Gosper, William
Gosper, William Clyde
Gosper, William John
Gotts, Georgina
Gotts, John
Gotts, Robert
Gough, Alexander
Gough, Alexander R. (Alick)
Gough, Ann
Gough, Henry
Gough, Ida Lavinia
Gough, James
Gough, James Joseph
Gough, Jane
Gough, Joan Ethel
Gough, John
Gough, Margaret
Gould, Mary Ann
Gow, Alice Maud
Gow, Amy Maria
Gow, Ann
Gow, Arthur
Gow, Arthur Ernest
Gow, Bertram
Gow, Catherine
Gow, Cecil Bertram
Gow, Cecil John (Jack)
Gow, Clare Regina
Gow, Edwin
Gow, Elizabeth
Gow, Ethel Laurel (Betty)
Gow, Harriet Jane
Gow, Hermandine Agnes
Gow, Howard
Gow, Hubert
Gow, Ida
Gow, Iris Rabone
Gow, John
Gow, Kathleen Gordon
Gow, Kenneth
Gow, Margaret
Gow, Mary
Gow, Stephen
Gow, Stephen Henry
Gow, Thomas John
Gow, Thomas Kenneth
Gow, Wallace Howard
Gow, William
Gower, William
Graham, Albert Charles
Graham, Allan Frederick
Graham, Arthur Eric
Graham, Bertie Ernest
Graham, Caro Mabel
Graham, Charlotte
Graham, Clarrie William
Graham, Elizabeth Maude
Graham, Emily Jane
Graham, Ephraim James
Graham, Ernest Walter
Graham, Florence Eliza
Graham, George Albert
Graham, George Holland Humphries
Graham, Harriet Maria (Maria)
Graham, Isabella
Graham, John Eric
Graham, Joyce
Graham, Kate Ambrose
Graham, Katrina
Graham, Margaret Kathleen
Graham, Norman Francis Cohen
Graham, Richard Forrester
Graham, Ronald
Graham, William Albert
Graham, William John
Graham, William John (John)
Grangier, Edmund
Grangier, Gretta Edith
Grant, Emily Eliza
Grant, Ethel Jane
Grant, James
Graves, William
Green, Allan Waine
Green, Dulcie Venetta Emily
Green, Ivy Joyce
Green, John
Green, John
Green, Nora Constance
Green, William
Green, William Frederick
Green, William Henry
Green, William Thomas
Green, Winton August
Green, Zena Ridge
Greenfield, Edwin Charles
Greentree, Alfred Henry
Greentree, Allan James
Greentree, Eileen Olive L.
Greentree, Elizabeth
Greentree, Ethel May
Greentree, George
Greentree, Henry Clement (Clement)
Greentree, Hubert George
Greentree, Lily Alma
Greentree, Nellie Pretoria
Greentree, Thelma Madeline
Greenwell, George Kenneth Annis
Greenwell, Rose
Gregory, Ann Alice
Griffin, Michael
Griffiths, Eric Owen
Grimwood, Albert
Grimwood, Albert Victor
Grimwood, Maude Frederica
Grimwood, Norman
Groves, Eliza
Guest, Frank
Guest, Theodora Jessie Agnes (Dora)
Gunton, Jack
Gunton, Mary Jane
Gunton, Robert John
Gunton, Sylvia May
Hadley, George Joseph
Hagger, Annie
Hagger, Aquila
Hagger, Aquilla
Hagger, Cecil John Charles (Charles)
Hagger, Francis
Hagger, Helen
Hagger, Jack Hulbert
Hagger, John
Hagger, Margaret
Hagger, Mary Liston
Hagger, Mercy Ann
Hagger, Richard John
Hagger, William Charles
Hale, James
Hale, Mary
Hall, Constance Dulcie Elizabeth
Hall, Eliza
Hall, George Winter
Hall, Royal James (Jimmy)
Hall, Una Joyce Florence
Hammond, Elizabeth
Hancock, Elizabeth
Hancock, Elizabeth Ann
Hancock, John Mill
Hancock, Thomas
Hand, George
Handley, Raymond Ernest
Hanna, Lily
Hanna, William
Hannabus, Agnes Holly
Hannabus, Albert Charles
Hannabus, Amy Marion
Hannabus, Dora Mary
Hannabus, Fred
Hannabus, Frederick William
Hannabus, George Charles (Dick)
Hannabus, Jane
Hannabus, John
Hannabus, Julia
Harding, Lillian May (Madge)
Hardy, Francis George
Hardy, Marjorie Alice
Harfield, Vera Gwendoline
Harkness, Francis George
Harkness, Francis Pearson
Harkness, Grace Cecilia
Harley, Roger Henry
Harley, Sarah Ann
Harper, Elsie May
Harper, George
Harrington, Edith Fanny
Harris, Albert Edward
Harris, Albert Thomas
Harris, Charles
Harris, Charles Cresswell S. (Charlie)
Harris, Charlotte
Harris, Dorothy
Harris, Frank Leslie
Harris, John
Harris, John Alexander
Harris, John William
Harris, Margaret Elizabeth
Harris, May Elizabeth
Harris, Rachel
Harris, Verlie May
Harris, Zulieme Mary
Harvey, Minnie
Harwood, Caroline
Harwood, William
Hassall, Bertha
Hassall, Elizabeth
Hassall, Elsie Dora
Hassall, George Theodore
Hassall, Jonathan
Hassall, Jonathan Lawry
Hassall, Loris Harley
Hassall, Mary
Hatfield, Alick
Hatherill, Marie Catherine Emily
Hawes, Mabel
Hawke, Cyril Raymond
Hawke, Jennie
Hawke, Laurel Clarice
Hawkins, Charles
Hawkins, Elizabeth
Hawkins, Norman Milne Galloway
Hawkins, Rebecca Pauline Dorcas (Pauline)
Hawkins, Thomas
Haxby, Lucy Helen
Haxby, William Hind
Hayden, Mavis Cameron
Hayden, Norman Jack
Hayes, Agnes Kate (Cissie)
Hayes, Alice Maud
Hayes, Ann Eliza
Hayes, Arthur Thomas
Hayes, Bert William Richard
Hayes, Charles Leslie (Leslie)
Hayes, Clarence Mansfield
Hayes, Clendon Bruce
Hayes, Clendon C
Hayes, Clendon Sidney
Hayes, Dallas James
Hayes, David John
Hayes, Dulcie Hilma (Hilma)
Hayes, Edward Henry Michael
Hayes, Elizabeth Caroline
Hayes, Elizabeth Mary
Hayes, Elizabeth Rebecca
Hayes, Emmaline (Nine)
Hayes, Ena M.
Hayes, Florence Caroline
Hayes, George Samuel
Hayes, Hilton Byron
Hayes, Jane Ann
Hayes, John Malcolm
Hayes, Lillian Ereta
Hayes, Lillian Gladys
Hayes, Mary
Hayes, Mary Anderson
Hayes, Muriel Thelma
Hayes, Norma Eileen
Hayes, Richard
Hayes, Roland Harold
Hayes, Thomas
Hayes, William Frederick
Hayes, William Henry
Hayes, William James
Hayward, Ellen
Hayward, George
Hayward, Isaac
Hayward, William
Head, Ethel Louisa
Heiser, Elizabeth
Henderson, Marjorie May
Henderson, Thomas William
Hendrikson, Alexei
Henny, Mary Esme (Bubby)
Henry, Sarah
Herington, Charles
Hession, Eva
Hession, Frederick Arthur
Hession, Henry Clinton
Hession, Rachel
Heterick, Raymond A.
Hibbert, Adrian Lancelot
Hibbert, Erato Dice Frances
Hibbert, Frederick Leslie
Hibbert, Harriet
Hibbert, Henry James
Hibbert, Joseph
Hibbert, Ruby Maria
Hibbert, Sarah
Higgins, Charles Emanuel
Higgins, Eliza
Higgins, Florence Elvina
Higgins, John
Higgins, John Thomas
Higgison, Ada May
Higgison, Percy Walter
Hilditch, Beryl Blanche
Hill, Donald McKenzie (Harold)
Hill, Thomas Hanson
Hipwell, Cecil Edward William
Hipwell, Harriet
Hipwell, Mary Catherine
Hoadley, Henry James
Hobbs, Hilda Ingenetta
Hockings, Jessie May
Hodgekiss, Mary Jane Hannah
Hodgekiss, William
Hodgins, Allan Leslie
Hodgins, Leslie Claude
Hodgins, Violet May
Hodgson, Alice Maud
Hodgson, Cyril Henry Charles
Hofflick, Arthur
Hofflick, Joseph
Hofflick, Joseph
Hoffman, Christopher F.
Hoffman, James
Hogarth, James Hadden
Holden, Agnes Clara
Holden, Ann
Holden, Ann
Holden, John
Hole, Charles William Alfred
Hole, Jane Elizabeth
Hole, John Charles Nicholas (Jack)
Holford, Harry Webster
Holford, Winifred Florence
Holland, Alfred
Holland, Alfred Stanley
Holland, Eliza Ann
Holland, Elizabeth Hall
Holland, Elsie Martha
Holland, Ernest
Holland, George William
Holland, Georgina
Holland, Gertrude Amy
Holland, Henry Edward
Holland, Herman Alfred
Holland, Jessie
Holland, Maria
Holland, Mary
Holland, Mary
Holland, Minnie
Holland, Prosper Alfred
Holland, Richard
Holland, Richard
Holland, Richard
Holland, Ruby Florence Gertrude
Holland, Sarah
Holland, Sarah
Holland, Thomas
Holland, Vinnetta
Holland, William
Holland, William Henry
Hollier, Delilah Ellen
Hollier, Florence Maud
Hollier, Horace Leslie James
Hollier, Leslie Thomas
Hollier, Phyllis May
Hollier, Robert Edwin
Holman, Alfred James
Holman, Sophia
Holman, Walter
Holmes, Edward John
Holmes, Harriet
Holmes, James
Holmes, Kezia
Holton, George
Homan, Edwin Matthew
Hooper, Ernest Leslie
Hooper, Minnie Elizabeth
Hopkins, Anne
Hopkins, Charlotte Margaret
Hopkins, Edmund Wallace
Hopkins, Edwin Frank
Hopkins, Gilbert Wickcliffe
Hopkins, Susan
Hopkins, William
Hopkins, William
Horne, Eileen May
Hornery, Bertie Milsim
Hornery, Charlotte Isabel
Hornery, Clifton C.S.
Hornery, Doris Freda
Hornery, William Matcham
Horsburgh, Harold Edward
Horton, William
Hoskisson, Amelia Catherine
Hoskisson, Charles
Hoskisson, Elizabeth
Hoskisson, Essie Amelia
Hoskisson, Gladys Amelia
Hoskisson, John
Hoskisson, John
Hoskisson, John Norman
Hoskisson, John Walter
Hoskisson, Prosper Belmore
Hoskisson, Samuel
Hoskisson, Samuel
Hoskisson, Samuel James
Hoskisson, Samuel John
Hoskisson, Sarah
Hoskisson, Sidney Harold
Hoskisson, Thomas
Hoskisson, Thomas
Hough, James
House, Harold
Howard, Albert Edward
Howard, Charles Joseph Pearman
Howard, Francis
Howe, Richard Pearce
Howell, Ann
Hudson, Freda Nellie
Hudson, George Arthur
Hudson, Henry
Hudson, Henry Robert
Hudson, Johanna Margaret
Hudson, Leonard George
Hudson, Sarah Ann
Huggins, John Hunter
Huggins, Robert
Hulbert, Albert Sydney
Hulbert, Charles Sidney
Hulbert, Ellen
Hulbert, Emily Rebecca
Hulbert, Enid Adeline
Hulbert, Joseph
Hulbert, Mary Jane
Hulbert, Percy Thomas
Hulbert, Shirley Irene
Hulbert, Thomas David
Hull, Amy
Hull, Arthur Herbert
Hull, Edith Mary Eliza
Hull, Eliza
Hull, Elizabeth
Hull, Ellen
Hull, Helena
Hull, Mary
Hull, Percy H.
Hull, William Henry
Hull, William Henry
Humphries, Ellen Mable
Humphries, William David
Hunt, Ada Mary
Hunt, Albert James Taylor
Hunt, Alfred James
Hunt, Ann
Hunt, David Ernest
Hunt, Edna
Hunt, Elizabeth Adeline
Hunt, Emma Florence May
Hunt, George Croydon
Hunt, Ila Gertine
Hunt, James
Hunt, James
Hunt, John Stanley
Hunt, Kenneth Richard McDonald
Hunt, Maria
Hunt, Neville Harrington Bailey
Hunt, Olive May
Hunt, Percy Albert
Hunt, Richard
Hunt, Victor Neil
Hunt, Walter Edmund
Hunter, Albert E.
Hunter, Albert W.D. (Bill)
Hunter, Lily Mary
Hurst, Annie Emily
Hurst, Edward Charles
Hurst, Edward Ernest
Hutchinson, William
Hutchison, Percy Glen Raymond
Hutchison, Philippa Harriet
Ingerson, Agnes Harriot
Ingerson, Charles Brown
Ingold, John Roffey
Ingram, Doris Rachael
Ingram, Jack
Ingram, Oscar Smith
Ingram, Stanley Bruce
Ingram-Moore, Edna Grace
Ingram-Moore, Eric John Theodore
Izzard, Herbert
Izzard, Isabella
Izzard, James Dunking
Izzard, John
Izzard, John
Izzard, Joseph Thomas
Izzard, Mary
Izzard, Mary Ursula
Izzard, Raymond Cyrus
Izzard, Richard George
Izzard, William
Jackson, Doris May
Jackson, George
Jackson, William Henry
James, Charlotte Malvina
James, Henry John
James, Wayne Anthony
Jarrett, Myrtle Enid
Jeffery, Charles Albert
Jeffery, Eliza
Jeffery, George
Jeffery, Ivy Eliza
Jeffery, Tryphena
Jeffrey, Edith Ada
Jeffrey, Eliza Jane
Jenkyn, Rev. James Norman Lewis
Jervis, James
Jervis, Maud Evelyn
Johnson, Alfred
Johnson, Arthur Augustus
Johnson, Catherine
Johnson, Charles Michael
Johnson, Clarence John
Johnson, Daniel Norman
Johnson, Edna May
Johnson, Emily Jane
Johnson, Eric
Johnson, Evelyn Alice
Johnson, Florence Ada
Johnson, Florence Ada
Johnson, George
Johnson, Harry Clive
Johnson, Henry T.
Johnson, Ilma Evelyn
Johnson, Ivy
Johnson, John
Johnson, John Robert
Johnson, John Thomas
Johnson, Marion Florence
Johnson, Martha
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary Ann
Johnson, Minnie
Johnson, Norman John Eli
Johnson, Violet Alma (Alma)
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnston, Edward Gilmore
Johnston, Ena Ellen
Johnston, Kate Martha
Johnston, Rebecca
Johnston, Vera Ann
Johnston, Zona Joan
Joice, Thomas
Jolliffe, Leonard
Jolliffe, Vera
Jones Snr., Frederick William
Jones, Alfred
Jones, Alfred
Jones, Amelia Margaret
Jones, Archibald
Jones, Benjamin
Jones, C. George
Jones, Casandra Mary
Jones, Christina
Jones, Clara Louisa
Jones, Claude
Jones, Frank Dawson
Jones, Frederick William
Jones, Jane
Jones, John Thomas
Jones, Julia
Jones, Margaret Jane
Jones, Minnie Sophia
Jones, Rayman
Jones, Robert
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Selina
Jones, Sydney Clay
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Thomas Robert
Jones, William
Jones, William
Jones, William
Josephson, Emma Jane
Judd, Elizabeth Ann
Junquay, Ann Maria
Kable, Edgar
Kable, Henry
Kable, Susannah
Kay, George
Kay, George
Kay, Mary
Kelly, Clara Elizabeth
Kelly, Harold Joseph
Kelly, William Ernest
Kendall, George William
Kendall, Maude Bessie
Kennedy, James Raworth
Kennedy, Louisa Sophia
Kennedy, Martha
Kent, Charles Henry David
Kerry, Diane
Kerry, Lisa
Kerry, Vanessa
Kessell, Forrester George
Keynes, Dorothy
Kilduff, Emily Clara
Kilduff, George Norbert
Kilduff, Sarah
Killen [nee Miller], Adelaide Alice
Killen M.M., James Alexander Wilson
King, Geoffrey Glendon
King, James
Kirwan [nee Windle], Emma Iris
Kirwan, Bartholomew Charles
Kirwan, Charlotte
Kirwan, Edward Howard Vivian
Kirwan, Emily Louisa
Kirwan, George Colclough
Kirwan, Hiram John
Kirwan, James William
Kirwan, Lucinda Augusta
Kirwan, Priscilla
Knaggs, Marion Mary Maie
Knaggs, William Ernest
Knight, Angie Janaya
Kopsen, Dorothy Blaxland
Kraft, Helmut
Laing, Charles
Lamb, Caroline
Lamb, Elijah
Lambton, Stephen
Lane Snr., William
Lane, Alice Snowden
Lane, Amelia
Lane, Benjamin
Lane, Catherine Maria
Lane, Emily Annie Australia
Lane, James
Lane, James
Lane, Mary
Lane, Mary
Lane, Sarah
Lane, Sydney Horatio
Lane, Thomas
Lane, William
Lang, Edward
Langford, Ronald James
Larsen, Arthur Edmund
Larsen, Dorothy Emily
Larsen, Florence Carmichael (Huggins)
Larsen, Norman John
Larsen, Rudolph Christian
Lavender, Garry Ronald
Lavender, Hazel Elizabeth
Lavender, Henry
Laverack, John Bolton
Laverack, Mary Ann
Laverack, Mary Ann
Laverack, Sarah Margaret
Lawrence, Lily Isabel
Lawson, David
Lawson, David
Lawson, Emily
Lawson, Jane Amelia
Lawson, Percy
Lawson, Thomas
Leddra, Robert
Leet, Elizabeth Mary
Leet, Frederick Robert
Leet, William Robert
Lenstra, Gerda
Lenstra, Gerrit
Leonard, Adelaide
Leonard, Alexander
Lesslie, Arthur Samuel
Link, Ivy Marion
Linsley, Elizabeth
Linsley, Jane
Little, Mary Ann
Livingstone, Elizabeth Clarke
Lobb, John
Lobb, Kezia Alberta
Lobb, Marjorie Emma Hambly
Loder Jnr., George
Loder Snr., George
Loder, Andrew
Loder, Charlotte
Loder, Frank Richard
Loder, George
Loder, James Mein
Loder, James Rodney
Loder, John Alfred
Loder, Stephen John
Long, Lillian Evelyn
Lorger, Archibald
Lorger, Archibald Edward Paul
Lorger, Ethel Maud May
Lorger, Hector Gordon George
Lovell, Thomas
Lowe, Leonard
Lucey, Mildred Medora
Lucre, Frances Grace
Lusty, Frederick (Fred)
Lye, Eric Charles Milton
Lye, Hannah Amelia (Ann)
Lynch, Catherine (Fane)
Maberly, John Rogers
Macdonald, Flora
Macintosh [nee Watts], Lindsay Averil Kandy
Mackenzie, Arthur
Mackenzie, Arthur Cobcroft [Capt.]
Mackenzie, Ella May
Mackenzie, John F.N.
Mackie, Sarah
Maclaurin, Emily Ethel
Maclaurin, Evan Colin Briarcliffe
Macphie, Eileen Pearl
Macphie, Norman
Magrath, William George
Maisey, Bertha Amanda
Maisey, Linda Felicia
Maisey, Sydney William
Major, Beatrice Amytis
Major, Percy
Malcolm, Annie
Manning, Alice Nellie
Manning, Amanda
Manning, Amy Bertha
Manning, Andrew (Arch)
Manning, Cecil Herbert
Manning, Charles
Manning, Edith Elizabeth Mary
Manning, Eleanor Kate
Manning, Emily
Manning, May (Dolly)
Maraga, Allan Vincent
Maraga, Ethel Doreen
Maraga, William (Bill)
March, John Carlington
March, Richard
March, Ruth Stacey
Marden, Angelina Miriam
Marden, Ann
Marden, Cecil George
Marden, Charles Ford
Marden, Charles Roy (Roy)
Marden, Christiana Ellen
Marden, George
Marden, George J. R.
Marden, Maude
Marden, William John
Marks, Gloria Marcelene
Marney, Susannah
Marsden, Charles Arthur
Marsden, George
Marsden, Sarah
Marshall, Alfred
Martin, Edith Victoria
Martin, Graeme Neil
Mason, Dorothy Violet
Mason, Maria Whiley
Masters, Lillian Mildred
Matthew, Alexander Henry
Matthew, Ivy Vera
Matthews, Harriet Jane
Matthews, Richard
Matthews, Sylvia
May, Caroline
Maybury, James
Mayne, Joyce Isabel
Mayne, Robert Hugh
Maze, Constance E.
McArthur, Ebenezer Jenkins
McBurney, Harriet Elizabeth
McCann, James Alfred
McCann, Joseph
McCann, Sarah Ann
McCaw [nee Mortley], Edna Lillian
McCaw, Alexander
McClean, Vera
McClean, William
McCleary, Herbert Leslie
McClymont, Idabel Izetta
Mccooey, Ida Jean
McCormick, Thomas P.
McDiarmid, Ian
McDonald, Amy Caroline
McDonald, Herbert Edgar
McDonald, John
McDonald, John Thomas
McDonald, Lydia
McEgan, Clare
McGolrick, Ann
McGolrick, James
McGolrick, Jane
McGolrick, Joseph
Mcgregor, Fannie Dunston
McGuiness, Paul Kevin
McGuinnes, Ann
McGuinnes, George
McKay, Alexander William
McKay, Mary Ann Sarah
McKellar, Caroline
McKellar, Dougle
McKellar, Dugal
McKellar, Elizabeth
McKellar, Jane
McKellar, Marjorie (Molly)
McKellar, Thomas Frederick
McKellar, Thomas Peter
McMinn, Alexander Watson
McMinn, Alfred A.
McMinn, Heather Adelle
McMinn, Linda Rosina
McNamara, Margaret
McQuade, Amelia Ann
McQuade, Ann
McQuade, Edwin James
McQuade, Henry Albert
McQuade, William Charles
McSkimming, Alan James
Meddick, Lily Rose
Mellish, Agnes May
Mellish, Alice Maud May
Mellish, Ann
Mellish, Aylmer Francis Henry
Mellish, Edward
Mellish, Edward James
Mellish, Elizabeth Ann
Mellish, Grace Miriam
Mellish, Susannah
Mellish, William Edward James
Menagh, Garry John (Madja)
Merritt, John
Metherell, Wilfred Herbert
Micock, Albert William Clive
Middleton, Anne
Middleton, Arthur Charles
Middleton, Joyce
Middleton, Katie Beryl
Miles, Edward
Miles, Evelyn May
Miles, Susannah
Miller, Ann
Miller, Edward
Miller, Elma Maude
Miller, Hannah
Miller, James Bowen
Miller, Jane Sophia
Miller, Laura Stella
Miller, Margaret
Miller, Martha
Miller, Minnie May
Miller, Nellie
Miller, Neville Raymond
Miller, Robert
Mitchell, Alice
Mitchell, John Thomas
Mitchell, Leslie Allen
Mitchell, Nathan
Mitchell, Sarah Jane
Mitchell, Violet M.
Mitchell, Winifred Ursula (Wilma)
Molloy, Margaret Ann
Molloy, Peter
Molloy, Susan
Monaghan, Scott Anthony
Montgomery, Ada Florence
Montgomery, Charles William
Montgomery, Christopher Charles
Montgomery, Frances Jane
Montgomery, Henry Christopher
Montgomery, Mabel Frances
Montgomery, Marjorie Phyllis
Moore, Ann
Moore, Fannie Lillian
Moore, Francis J.S. (Frank)
Moore, James
Moore, Jane
Moore, John
Moore, Madeline
Morgan, Mary Ann
Morley, George Thomas
Morley, Hannah
Morris, Evan
Morris, James
Morris, Kathleen
Morris, Phyllis Jean
Morrish, Bernard Albert
Morrish, Eva Laura
Mortley, Alfred Ernest
Mortley, Anthony Keith
Mortley, Arthur Richard
Mortley, Bernard Keith
Mortley, Charles Frederick
Mortley, Daisy Irene
Mortley, Elizabeth
Mortley, Elsie Virginia
Mortley, Enid Irene
Mortley, Frederick James
Mortley, Frederick James
Mortley, George Francis Jennings
Mortley, George Frederick Keith
Mortley, Ida Lydia
Mortley, Joseph
Mortley, Mary Ann
Mortley, Maureen Henrietta
Mortley, Rebecca
Mortley, Victor Charles
Moses, Ellen Eliza
Moses, Emily Annie
Moses, Enid Mary
Moses, Helena Mountford
Moses, Horace Mountford
Moses, James
Moses, James William
Moses, Josephine
Moses, Thomas
Moses, Uriah
Mottram, Elizabeth Jane
Moulds, Norman Vincent Leo
Moulds, Pearlie Tryphena Mary
Moulds, Rowland James
Moult, Anthony John (Tony)
Mountford, James
Mountford, William Benbow
Mullinger, Arthur Frederick Roy
Mullinger, Arthur Malcolm
Mullinger, Betty Esma
Mullinger, Eleanor
Mullinger, Emma Jane
Mullinger, Ernest Albert
Mullinger, Glenroy [Corporal]
Mullinger, Herbert Albert (Bertie)
Mullinger, Isabella Jane
Mullinger, James
Mullinger, James Sydney John
Mullinger, Keith
Mullinger, Lillie Eliza Week
Mullinger, Margaret
Mullinger, Stella Caroline
Mullinger, Walter Curtis (Dardy)
Munnoch, Mervyn John
Munnoch, Wilkie
Murchison, Duncan Alexander
Murchison, William Lillington
Murphy, Alan Noel
Murphy, Clara
Murphy, Norma Stuart
Murray, Amuri Stella
Murray, Neil Steward
Myers, Charles
Myers, Eva Fredericka
Myers, George
Mynett, Lynda Beatrice
Mynett, Mavis Constance
Mynett, William Leonard
Nagle, Fay Isabelle
Nash, Albert Edward Eyles
Neall, Dulcie Jane Ann Hannah
Neall, Edmund Thomas
Neate, James Wilkins
Nettleship, Dr. Lesley M.
Nevile, Jane Ursula
Nevile, Richard Arthur
Neville, Caroline Matilda
Neville, Jane
Neville, Leslie Vivian
Neville, Norman Leslie
Neville, Rachel
Neville, William
Neville, William Edward
Newall, Elizabeth Ann
Newall, William Roberts
Newing, Thomas Theodore
Newport, Madeline Elizabeth
Newport, Thomas Ivan
Newton, Barbara Ellen
Newton, Joseph Edward
Nicholls, Anne Grace
Nicholls, Ellie Roma
Nicholls, Emily
Nicholls, Hilda Charlotte
Nicholls, Leslie Hilton
Nicholls, Spencer
Nichols, Elsie Verdi
Nichols, Mary Jane
Nixon, Alfred Alexander
Nixon, Thomas
Noble, Alton
Nolan, Geoffrey Spencer
Nolan, Myrtle Myra (Doll)
Nolan, Peter Spencer
Norris, Albina
Norris, Henry
Norris, Henry
Norris, Henry
Norris, Isabel
Norris, Keith Murdoch
Norris, Paul
Norris, Susannah (Susie)
North, Gefford
North, Maria
Northam, Albert Henry
Northam, Elizabeth Mary
Northam, Harvey
Norton, Charles Meade
Nugent, Nicholas
Obique, Stella Louisa
O'Brien [Order of St.John], Ernest William
O'Brien, Alfred (Harold) [Pte]
O'Brien, Amelia
O'Brien, Betty Marie
O'Brien, Cecil Henry
O'Brien, Ethel May
O'Brien, Eunice Clara
O'Brien, Gertrude Janet
O'Brien, Hilda May
O'Brien, John
O'Brien, John Michael
O'Brien, Margrethe
O'Brien, Marion Beecha
O'Brien, Michael
O'Brien, Stanley (Dick)
O'Brien, Sydney
O'Brien, Thomas
O'Brien, Violet Celesta
O'Brien, William Henry
O'Brien, William Henry
O'Brien, William John
Odell, John
Ogden Jnr., George
Ogden, Eliza
Ogden, George
Ogden, Marjorie
Oliver, Florence
Olsen, Jack Ronald
O'Neill, Emma Jane
O'Sullivan, Evelyn Matilda
Overmyer, George Baillie D.
Overmyer, Madeline
Overmyer, Susan
Owens, Barry Robin
Owens, Leslie Charles [Private]
Owens, Leslie Neville [Corporal]
Oxley, Joseph
Packer [nee Thompson], Annie May
Packer, Adelaide Lilian Theresa
Packer, Alfred
Packer, Colin E.
Packer, Edward Sidney George
Packer, Emma Jane (Ciss)
Packer, Ernest Edward
Packer, Geoffrey Keith
Packer, Horace Russell Bertram
Packer, Jean
Packer, Louis
Packer, Mary
Packer, Roland Arthur
Packer, Sydney
Paine C.B.E.V.D.Brig.Gen., John Jackson
Paine, Anne Margaret
Paine, Jean Kathleen
Paine, Marion Jean
Paine, Nancy Brian
Paine, Robert Brian
Palmer, Grace Anzac
Palmer, Lillian
Palmer, Thomas Stanley
Parish, Ruby Keziah
Parker, Geoffrey Hampden
Parker, Jessie Roberta
Parker, Sarah
Parkes, Aubrey Arthur
Parkes, George
Parkes, Mona Stewart
Parry, Richard
Parry, Sarah Jane
Parry, Stanley Edward
Pascoe, Kathleen Emily (Tiny)
Pascoe, Lawrence Richard
Paull, Charles
Paull, Edith May
Paull, Elizabeth
Paull, Lillie
Payne, Emily Maria
Payne, James
Payne, Leslie Trueman
Payne, Marjorie Eileen
Pearce, Charles William
Pearce, Vera Madeline
Pearce, William H.
Pearson, Albert
Pearson, Albert John
Pearson, Ethel May
Pearson, George
Pearson, George Frederick
Pearson, John
Pearson, John
Pearson, Lawson John
Pearson, Martha
Pearson, Sarah Jane
Pearson, Sidney Harold
Pegg, Dorris Jean
Pelham, Francis Clinton
Pelham, Harold Leslie
Pelham, John Murray
Pendergast, Jane Edith Mary
Pendergast, Mary Jane
Pendergast, Sarah
Pendergast, Violet Rose
Pendergast, William
Pennell, Albert Henry
Pennell, Florence Ellen
Pennells, John Edward
Penrose, Minnie Winnifred
Perrott, Florence
Perrottet, Harold Oliver
Perry, William Huddy
Pettet, Harry Sydney
Pettit, Mary Ann
Pharo, Gregory Neville
Phillips, Athur [sic] Moses
Phillips, Maria
Phippard, Geoffrey Halls
Phipps, Alma Ethelene
Phipps, Andrew
Phipps, Emma Teresa
Phipps, Henry
Phipps, Henry Benjamin
Pickering [nee Phipps], Eileen Norma
Pickup, Annie
Pickup, Harrie
Pickup, Lawrence
Pike, Kenneth John (John)
Pike, Lily
Pike, Phyllis Ada Mary
Pike, Walter Keith
Pine, Janice Joan
Pinson, Eric Arthur St. John
Pitt, Joseph
Pitt, William
Plowman, Elizabeth
Pollard, Rex Athol Walter
Pollock, Dorothy Louise
Pollock, Harold Charles
Pollock, Maria
Pollock, Robert
Pollock, Ruby Ida
Pollock, Stanley Alfred
Porter, Ann Elizabeth
Porter, Fanny Cottingham
Potter, Richard
Potts, Harriet
Powderhill, Imogene
Powell, Ann
Powell, Carl
Powell, Edward
Powell, Frederick
Powell, Millicent Victoria
Prentice, Blanche Elsie
Prentice, Charles John
Prentice, Eliza
Prentice, George Seward
Prentice, Ida Sydney
Pretyman B.E.M., Gwenyth Mary
Pretyman, Edith Emily
Pretyman, Frederick Charles
Priestly, Margaret
Priestly, William
Primrose, Ada Josephine
Primrose, Ann
Primrose, Anna
Primrose, Edith Florence
Primrose, Elizabeth Cordelia
Primrose, Ellen May
Primrose, Ernest William Burton (William)
Primrose, Harriet Isabel
Primrose, John
Primrose, John George
Primrose, Madeline Ann
Primrose, Osbert Thomas
Primrose, Rebecca Australia
Primrose, Reginald Staples
Primrose, Richard Burton
Primrose, Thomas
Primrose, William
Primrose, William John Staples
Pritchard, William
Probert, Thomas Henry
Purvines, Frederick Thomas
Pye, Alfred Sidney
Pye, Alice Maud
Pye, Archibald Joseph
Pye, Clara Jane
Pye, David Dick
Pye, Elizabeth
Pye, Elizabeth
Pye, Ellen
Pye, Ellen Eliza
Pye, Francis Joseph
Pye, Frederick James John
Pye, Frederick William
Pye, George
Pye, George
Pye, George Theo
Pye, Henry Hilton
Pye, Isabella Jane
Pye, John
Pye, John Frederick (Jack)
Pye, Joseph
Pye, Matilda
Pye, Myra Ellie
Pye, Norman Charles Reginald
Pye, Pauline
Pye, Pauline May
Pye, Stella
Pye, Vera Doris
Quilty, Mary (Mollie)
Quinn, Millicent
Quinton, Edward Christopher
Quinton, Florence Agnes
Quinton, Gertrude
Quinton, Osmond Kenneth (Ken)
Quinton, Sylvia Evelyn
Quinton, Willa
Rahn, Ilse Paulina Bertha Rosa Elizabeth
Raines, Alice
Raines, Simon
Rawson, Harold
Rawson, Jessie Edith Vera
Ray, Maude Beatrice Jane
Rea, Arthur Thomas
Rea, Arthur William Isaac
Rea, Beatrice
Rea, Isaac
Rea, Laura Mary
Rea, Mary
Rea, Matilda Agnes
Reckless, Alice Bertha Ellen
Reckless, Harold Ernest Attewell
Reed, Betty Margaret
Reid, Alister (Al) James
Reith, Phyllis Lillian May (Lillian)
Reith, William Sailor Vondre
Rendle, Emanuel
Retallack, John
Reynolds, Alice Edith
Reynolds, Anne
Reynolds, Arthur Archibald
Reynolds, Percival (Percy) (Terry)
Reynolds, Richard Matthew
Reynolds, William Jasper
Rhoda, Nathaniel
Rhodes, Charles Ernest
Rhodes, Stephen Ernest
Richards, Eileen Doris
Richards, Louisa
Richards, Neville William
Richards, Norman Harold
Richards, Robert Henry
Richards, Thomas
Richardson, Evelyn Maryann
Ridge Snr., Richard
Ridge, Charlotte Margaret
Ridge, John
Ridge, Margaret
Ridge, Mary Ann
Ridge, Richard
Ridge, Rudolph
Ridge, William Bligh
Ridge, William Bligh
Ridge, Zella Mary
Rigg, Agnes
Rigg, Samuel
Riley, Arthur Ernest
Riley, Irene Rosalene
Riley, Nella Grace
Rissler, Baby
Rissler, Christian Henry
Rissler, Victoria Sybil
Roach, Gweneth R.
Robbins, George William
Robbins, Jean
Roberts, Ann
Roberts, Edward
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, Elsie Ella
Roberts, Francis Edwards
Roberts, John
Roberts, John
Roberts, Kezia
Roberts, Lorraine Lillian
Roberts, Lucy
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Melva Lorrel
Roberts, Robert
Roberts, Robert William
Roberts, Sarah
Roberts, William
Roberts, William
Roberts, William John
Robinson, Edward
Robinson, Edward Charles
Robinson, Edward Charles
Robinson, George Reynold
Robinson, Jane
Robinson, John
Robinson, Mary Ann
Robinson, Matilda
Robinson, Richard
Robinson, Sarah Jane
Rochester, Cecily May
Rochester, Elizabeth
Rochester, Henry
Rochester, James
Rochester, Margaret
Rochester, Mary
Rochester, Sarah
Rogers, Henry Thomas
Rogers, John
Rogers, Mary Jane
Roley, Ellen Phoebe
Roots, Alan Keith
Roots, Clifford Archie
Roots, Matilda Daisy
Rose, Edith Ruby
Rose, Leith Harold
Rose, Mabel Elsie
Rose, Milton Walker John
Rose, Norma Ann
Rose, Norman Earl
Rose, Phyllis Mary
Rose, Richard Alfred Harold (Alfred)
Rose, Thomas William
Ross, Beatrice Ella Faulkner
Ross, Charles James
Ross, Christopher James
Ross, Frederick George
Ross, Isobella Agnes
Ross, John
Ross, John
Ross, John B. Moore
Ross, John Moore
Ross, John William
Ross, Margaret Elizabeth
Ross, Raymond Athol
Ross, Reginald Maurice
Ross, Sarah Elizabeth
Ross, Susannah
Ross, William John
Ross, William Robert
Roughley, Charles
Rouse, Edwin
Rouse, Edwin Stephen
Rouse, Eliza Ann (Bessie)
Rowan, Alice May
Rowan, Edward
Rowan, Mavis
Rowland, Ruth
Rowthorn, James Thomas
Rowthorn, Sophia Jane
Roxburgh, Catherine Sarah
Rudd, John Joseph
Rutter, Alfred Joseph
Rutter, Annie Agnes
Rutter, Catherine
Rutter, David
Rutter, David Jacob
Rutter, Edgar Lancelot
Rutter, Elizabeth Jane
Rutter, Elsie May
Rutter, Eric James
Rutter, Essie Margaret
Rutter, Geoffrey Thomas
Rutter, James King
Rutter, Jane
Rutter, John Whitby
Rutter, John Whitby
Rutter, Joseph
Rutter, Kissia Susanne
Rutter, Mark Thomas
Rutter, Millie Sophia
Rutter, Pearlie May
Rutter, Thomas Whitby
Ryan, Pattie
Ryan, Rose Ann
Sadleir, Ivy Bertha
Sadleir, Sidney George
Salmons, John
Salter, Eliza
Salter, James
Salter, Maria
Salter, William
Sanday, Shirley Gladys
Sandoz, Charles Maurice
Saunders, Christiana
Saunders, Linda Rebecca
Savage, Mary
Savage, Rebecca
Savage, Thomas
Savage, Thomas
Scanlon, Edith Pearl
Scarf, William
Scarvell, Elizabeth Stewart
Scarvell, George
Scarvell, John Larking
Scarvell, John Redmond B.
Scarvell, Sydney
Schmidlin, Frederick
Schmidlin, Wilhemina
Schoffel, Carl Julius
Schoffel, Charlotte Ann Elizabeth
Schoffel, John Gotlieb
Schoffel, John Gotlieb
Schoffel, Lloyd Thomas
Schoffel, Susanna Euphrosina
Schoffel, Thelma Jean
Schofield, Hercules Eden
Schofield, James Stephen
Schofield, Mary Elizabeth
Scholer, August P.
Scholer, Marion N.
Scholer, Pauline Elizabeth (Betty)
Schow, Jens Nelsen
Schow, Mary Pauline
Scott, James
Scott, Mary
Seivl, Eva
Seivl, James John
Sellers, Arthur
Sellers, John
Seymour Jnr., George
Seymour, Eliza Ann
Seymour, George
Seymour, George Frederick Augustus
Seymour, John Thurlow
Seymour, Mary
Seymour, Richard Henry
Seymour, Richard Henry (Henry)
Shapton, Jane
Shapton, Uriah
Sharkie, Heather Lillian
Sharkie, Ronald James
Shaw, Aubrey Roland
Shaw, Eleanor (Elene)
Shaw, Iris
Shaw, Iris Blanche
Shaw, Stanley Elwyn
Shearer, Charles Albert
Shearer, Clarence Albert
Shearer, Leslie Alexander
Shearer, May Rosina
Shearing, Agnes
Shearing, John
Sheedy, Olive Clarice Janet
Sheen, Alfreda Grace
Sheen, Clement Patricius
Sheen, Emma
Sheen, Evelyn Barbara
Sheen, Frederick Clement
Sheen, Thomas
Shephard, Ruth Lydia
Shepherd, Ann Eliza
Shepherd, Eliza
Shepherd, Elizabeth Ann
Shepherd, Ethel Amy
Shepherd, George
Shepherd, Harry Ernest William
Shepherd, Henry (Peter)
Shepherd, Mark
Shepherd, Mark
Shepherd, Peter Lawrence
Shepherd, Prudence Sarah
Shepherd, Robert William
Shepherd, Thomas Henry
Sherrard, Alice
Sherrard, James
Sherriff, Susanna
Sherring, William Cleveland
Shields, Albert Ernest
Shields, Albert John Frederick
Shields, Elsie Florence
Shields, Laurel Ena
Silk, Edward
Silk, John
Silk, Richard
Silk, Robert
Silk, Sarah
Silk, Thomas
Sim, Herbert C.
Sim, Margaret
Simmons, Enid Elizabeth
Simmons, Gordon Boyce
Simmons, Hilton James
Simmons, Lilly
Simon, Eva Maud
Simon, Francis
Simon, Mary Anne
Simon, Maurice Arthur
Simon, Minnie Mary
Simpson, Edward
Sims, Madeline
Sinfield, Annie Frances
Skaines, Olive May
Skaines, Stephen James Thomas
Skewes, Ruby Gertrude
Sloggett, Darryl Paul
Sly [nee Hofflick], Rosetta (Ettie)
Sly, Alfred William
Smallwood, John James
Smallwood, Sarah Jane
Smart, Nita June
Smith, 0
Smith, Albert Charles
Smith, Amy
Smith, Anthony Michael
Smith, Arthur Charles
Smith, Blanch Selina
Smith, Bridget Ellen (Bid)
Smith, Charles Harold Buller
Smith, Charles Kitchener
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth Ann
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Elsa
Smith, Emma
Smith, Esley
Smith, Ethel Maud
Smith, Evangeline
Smith, Francis Charles
Smith, Francis John William
Smith, George
Smith, George Edward
Smith, Grace
Smith, Grace Alice
Smith, Henry (Jack)
Smith, Ilma May
Smith, James
Smith, Jesse Alexandra Matilda
Smith, John Soukar
Smith, John Thomas
Smith, John Woodness
Smith, Laura Edith
Smith, Lawson
Smith, Malcolm James (Jim)
Smith, Mary Ann
Smith, Robert Alan
Smith, Roland
Smith, Ronald Martin
Smith, Roy (Boy Roy)
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Sarah Ellen
Smith, Sidney Percival (Perce)
Smith, Stuart
Smith, Walter
Smith, William
Smith, William Garfield
Smyth, George William
Smythe [nee Taylor], Amy Amelia
Snell, Bruce Alexander
Snell, Margaret May
Snell, Walter Herbert
Snell, William Henry
Somers, Charles Etherdell Hudson
Somers, Frederick George Charles
Somers, Frederick Hawkins Henry Hudson
Somers, Frederick Payn Hawkin
Somers, Mary Ann
Somers, Mary Hudson
Somers, Mary Hudson
Somlo [nee Curl], Lorna Essie
Soper, Marjorie Alice
Soper, Mildred (Millie) I.
Southwood, Alice May
Southwood, Sydney Richard
Sparke, George Alfred
Sparke, Minnie Mary
Speight, Annie
Speight, Leonard
Spicer, James Caborian
Spinks, George Hezikiah
Spratt, Arthur Willie
Spurway, Kathleen Mary
Stacey, Gladys Bell
Stacey, Raymond Cecil
Stacey, Trevor William
Stacey, William John
Staples, Arthur George
Staples, Eileen Dorothy
Staples, Georgina Kathleen
Staples, John William George
Stearn, Alfred Charles
Stephens, Mary Eleanor
Stephenson, Alwyn Roy
Stephenson, Emily Mary
Stephenson, Frederick William
Stephenson, Hubert Charlie
Stephenson, Mary Ann
Stephenson, William
Sternbeck, Christian
Stevens, Caroline
Stewart, Anne
Stewart, Mary Clink
Stewart, Robert
Stewart, Ronald Albert
Stewart, Sarah
Stewart, William Durham
Stewart, William Farquharson [Surgeon]
Stickney, Amanda Graham
Stiles M.A., Rev. Henry Tarlton
Stiles, Annie Jane
Stiles, Elizabeth
Stiles, Jane
Stiles, John
Stiles, Samuel Marsden
Stiles, William John Francis
Stinson, William George
Stockings, Robert
Strachan, Alice Maud
Strachan, Amelia
Strachan, Arthur Charles
Strachan, Cecil
Strachan, Eva Lavetta
Strachan, Frank Ernest
Strachan, George Robert
Strachan, Mary Ann Crozier
Strachan, Robert
Streeter, George Roland
Streeter, Margaret Ann
Streeter, Richard Albert
Streeton, Edna
Streeton, Robert William John
Stretton, Kathleen Talbot
Stretton, Mary Esther
Stretton, Rev. Frederick William
Stuart [Military Cross], Robert
Stuart, Bessie Jackson
Stuart, George Hemming
Stubbs, Athol Aubrey Dunstan (Aub)
Stubbs, Charlotte
Stubbs, Dorothy Amelia
Stubbs, Dulcie May
Stubbs, Emily
Stubbs, Eric [Jerry]
Stubbs, Frederick Herbert (Fred)
Stubbs, Frederick William (Bill)
Stubbs, Geoffrey Max
Stubbs, Hannah Elizabeth
Stubbs, Hilda Ivy
Stubbs, Hilda May
Stubbs, James Archibald William
Stubbs, Mary Ann
Stubbs, Maud
Stubbs, Roland James
Stubbs, Roland James Bruce
Stubbs, William
Sugars, T.L.
Sullivan, John Laurence [Composer]
Sumner [nee Booth], Stella Agnes
Swords, Grace Ethel
Sykes, Jessie Vivian Margaret Cecily
Szarka, Emily Jane
Tate, Ann Jane
Tate, Basil Kell
Tate, Herbert
Taylor, Ada L.
Taylor, Benjamin
Taylor, Charles Frederick
Taylor, Enid May
Taylor, George Maxwell
Taylor, Harold Stanley Standen
Taylor, John
Taylor, Lloyd Harold
Taylor, Louisa
Taylor, Robert Hilton
Taylor, Rosemary Fay
Taylor, Stella
Teale, Caroline Emeline
Teale, Charlotte Mary McDonald
Teale, Diana Blanch (Blanch)
Teale, Diana/Dinah
Teale, Isabella
Teale, John
Teale, John Henry
Teale, Joseph
Tebbutt F.R.A.S., John
Tebbutt, Ann
Tebbutt, Ann
Tebbutt, Ann Elizabeth
Tebbutt, Edmund Halley
Tebbutt, Francis
Tebbutt, James
Tebbutt, Jane
Tebbutt, Jane Margaret
Tebbutt, Jean Abigail
Tebbutt, John
Tebbutt, John
Tebbutt, John Robert
Tebbutt, John Thomas
Tebbutt, John Thomas
Tebbutt, Keith
Tebbutt, Luke
Tebbutt, Mary Alice
Tebbutt, Mavis Kathleen
Tebbutt, Robert Bruce
Tebbutt, Sybell Mary
Tebbutt, Thomas
Tebbutt, Victoria Susannah
Tebbutt, Virginia
Tebbutt, Virginia Sarah
Templeton, Frederick Henry
Templeton, Harriet Jane
Templeton, Stanley Frederick
Terry [nee Alexander], Lillian Grace
Terry, Clemintine Parker
Terry, Gerald George
Terry, Hannah
Terry, John
Terry, John Richard Rouse
Terry, Marjorie Aileen (Peggy)
Terry, Roderick Buchanan Rouse
Terry, Rosetta
Thiele, Dulcie
Thiele, Ernest Alfred
Thiele, Raymond Ernest (Ray)
Thom [nee Mortley], Ada Maud
Thompson, Andrew
Thompson, Joseph Orman
Thompson, Rhene Louise
Thompson, William Ewart Gladstone
Thompson, Zack Nicholas
Thomson, Clarice Grace Beryl
Thomson, David
Thomson, Edward
Thomson, Eliza
Thomson, Frank Sibley
Thomson, James
Thomson, Walter
Threlkeld, Mina
Thurtell, Colin John
Tilley, Charles
Toomey, Gordon Arthur
Toomey, Gordon John
Toomey, Violet May Dawson
Tout, Elizabeth Alice
Tout, Francis John
Tout, Isabel
Tout, Mary Ann
Tout, Robert John
Town, Alice Wood
Town, William James
Townsend, Charles
Townsend, Claude
Townsend, Frederick George
Townsend, Hannah
Townsend, Ivy May
Townsend, John
Townsend, Leslie
Townsend, Martha
Townsend, Mary
Townsend, Melbourne
Townsend, Percy
Townsend, Sarah Ann
Townsend, William
Tracey, Ivy May
Tracey, Thomas George
Trautwein, Theodore
Travers, Arthur
Travers, Elizabeth Josephine Louise
Trompp, Percy Alfred
True, Susannah
Tunnicliff, Catherine Ellen
Turnbull, Albert John (Cappy)
Turnbull, Alma Simpson
Turnbull, Archibald William Prosper
Turnbull, Malcolm
Turnbull, Minnie Cassie
Turnbull, Nellie
Turnbull, Raymond Prosper
Turnbull, Vera Ruby
Turner, Rebecca Allen
Turrell, Sophia Jane
Underwood, Edith Emerly
Underwood, Everleen May
Underwood, Walter Thomas
Unicomb, Nereda Maud
Unicomb, Sidney
Upton, Alice Maud
Upton, Ann
Upton, Beryl Joyce
Upton, Catherine
Upton, Eliza
Upton, Harriet Jane
Upton, James
Upton, John
Upton, Louisa
Upton, Lucy
Upton, Mary Ann
Upton, Nellie J.
Upton, Pearl M.
Upton, Percival George Augustus
Upton, Sarah
Upton, Susannah
Upton, Sydney John Roland
Upton, Thomas
Van Den Eynden, Henri Cornelius
Van Den Eynden, Lillian Eileen
Vaughan, Edward John
Versluis [nee Gillespie], Joan
Versluis, Kornelis (Kees)
Vickery, Elizabeth
Vickery, Maria
Voller, Marshall Henry
Voller, Reginald Morris
Voller, Theodosia Louisa
Voller, William Thomas
Wade, Amy Frances
Wade, Reginald Charles
Walker, Elizabeth Esther
Walker, Ellen
Walker, Henrietta Medora
Walker, James
Walker, James
Walker, Jessy
Walker, June Rosalie
Walker, Margaret Helen (Minnie)
Walker, Mary Ann
Walker, Mary Ann
Walker, Mary Ann Charlotte
Walker, Minnie
Walker, Minnie Louise
Walker, Nelson Radford (Jackie)
Walker, Noel Bruce
Walker, Vera Kathleen McDonald
Walker, Walter James
Walker, William
Walker, William
Walker, William Bruce
Walker, William Christopher
Walker, William Walter
Wall, Ann
Wall, James Bligh
Wall, Martha Elizabeth
Wall, Thomas
Wallace, Florence Elvina
Walls, Robert William Reginald
Walmsley, Amy May
Walmsley, Richard Oswald
Walters, Frederick
Walton, Sydney Herbert
Ward, Ambrosine Isabella
Ward, Hubert Joseph
Ward, Joseph William
Ward, William Bernard
Ware ?, Geoffrey
Ware, Adrienne
Ware, Elvina Jessie
Warwick, Betty
Waterhouse, Beatrice Talbot
Waterhouse, Gordon Gowrie
Waters, Alfred Edward Ernest (Fred)
Waters, Ida Bridget
Watkins, Thomas
Watling, Frederick
Watt, Gordon Leslie
Watt, Gordon Leslie
Watt, Noel John
Wattam, Edward
Waugh, Elaine Ethel
Waugh, Ellen Matilda (Matilda)
Weaver, Aileen Charlotte E.
Weaver, Columba Rehm (Nip)
Weaver, George (Noel)
Weaver, George Edward Callaghan
Webster, Phyllis Ila [Ila]
Webster, Robert William
Weinstein, Gladys Hazel
Weir, Clara May
Weller, Luise Pauline
Weller, Paula
Weller, Samuel Georg
Wellington, Frederick John
Wellington, Mildred Ala
Werner, Harriet Matilda
West, John Cecil Hutton
West, Mildred Florence
West, Roy Alfred
Westall, Allan Jack (Jack)
Westall, Charles
Westall, Charles William
Westall, Clara Elizabeth
Westall, Elizabeth
Westall, Eva Olive
Whalan, Arthur Frederick
Whalan, Elsie May
Whalan, Leslie Arthur
Whalan, Milton Henry
Wheeler, Charlotte Sophia
Wheeler, Frank
White, Alfred
White, Anna Younger
White, Catherine Jane
White, Cecil Dawson
White, Eliza Florence
White, Laura
White, Mary
White, Merle Zena
White, Olive Olga
White, Richard
White, Roy Henry
White, William Franklin
Whiteley, James
Whiteley, Mary
Whyte, Gertrude Fanny
Whyte, John
Whyte, Ronald Wallace
Widdows, John
Widdows, Thomas
Wiggins, Alfred George
Wiggins, Ernest Charles
Wiggins, Ernest Charles
Wiggins, George
Wiggins, Leslie Alfred
Wiggins, Leslie James
Wiggins, Lillian Josephine
Wiggins, Martha Jane
Wiggins, Oswald Henry
Wilbow, Emily Marge
Wilbow, Mavis Thelma
Wilbow, Phoebe Eileen Alice (Eileen)
Wilbow, Thomas
Wilcher, Charles Raymond
Wilcher, Merle Gwendolyn
Wildeman, Folkert Gerrit Johannes
Wiles, Edna May
Wiles, Frederick Horace
Wilkes, Alice Grace
Wilkes, Clarence William
Wilkes, John Francis
Wilkins, Margaret
Wilkins, William Robert
Wilkins, William Robert (Robert)
Willcox, Charles William
Willcox, Gordon Charles
Willcox, Ivy May
Willcox, Seneth Maria
Willcox, Thomas E.
Williams, Annie
Williams, Frederick
Williams, George Henry Thomas
Williams, Ida May
Williams, Jane
Williams, John Thomas
Williams, Joy
Williams, Mary Ellen
Williams, Percy Reginald
Williams, Sydney Edgar
Williams, William
Williams, William
Wilson, Catherine
Wilson, Frederick
Wilson, John
Windebank, Dorothy Amy Victoria
Windebank, George
Windred, Charles
Windred, Charles Noah
Windred, Joseph
Windred, Lucy Tyler
Windred, Mervyn James (Punt)
Windred, Reginald Arthur
Windred, Sydney
Wingate, Eleanor
Wingate, Thomas [Captain]
Winton, Ina Jessie
Wood, Amelia
Wood, Caroline Rachel Victoria
Wood, Cecil Claude (Claude)
Wood, Edward
Wood, Eileen Maude
Wood, Elizabeth
Wood, Elizabeth Grace
Wood, Ella Ann
Wood, Emma
Wood, Ethel Maude
Wood, Francis Shapton
Wood, Frederick Hamilton
Wood, George
Wood, George
Wood, George
Wood, George Dorset
Wood, George Downing
Wood, Georgina
Wood, Harley Weston
Wood, Harold Rex (Timber)
Wood, Henry Charles
Wood, Ivy Isobell
Wood, James
Wood, James
Wood, James Cuthbert
Wood, Jane
Wood, John
Wood, John
Wood, John
Wood, Joseph Alfred
Wood, Louisa (Louie)
Wood, Lucinia Ann
Wood, Margaret
Wood, Margery Eileen
Wood, Mary
Wood, Mary
Wood, Mary Ann
Wood, Maud Alice
Wood, Netta
Wood, Osman Earl
Wood, Pamela Margaret
Wood, Percy Arthur
Wood, Roy Hamilton
Wood, Rubin Ernest
Wood, Sarah
Wood, Sedgwick John Clement (Cedric)
Wood, Sidney Herbert
Wood, Silas George Thomas
Wood, Sophia
Wood, Thomas
Wood, Thomas
Wood, Thomas Samuel
Wood, William
Wood, Zella Eveline
Woodard, Lois (Sue) J.
Woodcroft, Ellen
Woodcroft, William James
Woodgate, Ernest
Woodgate, Frederick
Woodgate, Henry Francis
Woodgate, Henry George
Woodgate, John Thomas (Thomas)
Woodgate, Mary Ann
Woodgate, Rebecca
Woodgate, Thomas
Woodgate, William
Woods, Albert Shapton
Woods, Arthur Stanley
Woods, Bridget Maud
Woods, Christine Gale
Woods, Elaine Valda
Woods, Henry Robert
Woods, Herbert J.R. (Jack)
Woods, Herbert Willis
Woods, John Uriah
Woods, Lilian Jane
Woods, Robert Daniel Arthur
Woods, Sarah
Woods, Sarah Margaret
Woods, Thelma E.J.
Woods, William Henry (Jack)
Woodward, Sarah
Woollard, Lillian May
Woolley, Amanda Emily
Woolley, George
Woolley, Joanna
Woolley, Joanna/Johannah
Woolley, Robert John Willshire
Wormleaton, Ernest William
Worner, David Walter
Worrell, Phillip John
Wright, Edith Louisa Susan
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, George
Wright, John
Wright, Raymond Alfred [Captain]
Wyley, Alan John
Wylie, Henry
Wylie, Henry
Wylie, Susan
Yeo, Alberto Frederick Thomas
Yeo, George Shapland
Yeo, Selina
Young, Dan
Young, Florence Matilda
Young, George A.
Young, George Charles
Young, Harriet
Young, John Dewar
Young, Leslie Kay
Young, Sid
Young, Stanley Lea
Young, Violet
Zlatarow, Ferdinand

Map of cemetery:


Cemetery is also known as "Church of England Burial Ground, Windsor ", "St Matthews Church of England Cemetery, Windsor " and "St Matthews Cemetery, Windsor".

Unmarked Burials

Information collected from various sources, inlcuding death certificates submitted to the Hawkesbury on the Net: Cemetery Register team list the following individuals as being buried at St Matthews Anglican Cemetery, where no headstones exist today. They include :

Gaskin, Matthew
Pettitt, Helen (Ellen) Sarah
Pettitt, William Henry
West, Benjamin
West, William
Yates [nee Keyes], Louisa



Transcribed by members of the Hawkesbury Family History Group in 2002. Information collated by Jonathan Auld from an unpublished manuscript typed up by Grace Douglass (1930-2003) on behalf of the Hawkesbury Family History Group. Information used with permission from the Hawkesbury Family History Group.


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