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Details for the ship Runnymede I (1840)

Ship Name:Runnymede I  
Rig Type:Bk.
Build Year:1825
Size (tons):389
Voyage Details
Master:W.B. Forward
Surgeon:Peter Fisher
Sailed:20 December 1839
Arrived:28 March 1840
Days Travel:99
Convicts Landed:200 males & 0 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Allen, SamuelGeary, JamesLorden, Thomas LewisSaunderson, John
Arniston, JohnGoodman, WilliamLoxton, JohnShaw, Edward
Arnold, JamesGorman, WilliamManaghan, JamesShaw, William
Baillie, WilliamGraham, JohnMarch, WilliamShehan, Thomas
Barclay, WilliamGreen, MichaelMcCarthy, DennisShephard, Morgan
Barfoot, WilliamGreen, WilliamMcDonald, AndrewSimmons, Thomas
Barnes, JamesGreenall, JohnMcGregor, AlexanderSimpson, David
Barry, JohnHaley, RobertMcKay, ThomasSmith, George
Bird, GeorgeHamilton, JamesMcKenzie, JohnSmith, James
Bloxwich, CharlesHanglin, FrancisMcKeon, HenrySmith, Thomas
Bott, HenryHarris, JamesMcKim, RobertSmith, William
Bradshaw, HenryHarwood, WilliamMerrick, CharlesSmith, William
Branagan, ThomasHatrick, JohnMiller, NathanielSoars, Samuel
Brookman, BenjaminHayman, JamesMilne, William LyonStephens, William
Burley, JosephHempson, JosephMingham, WilliamStephens, William
Campbell, WilliamHigginbottom, IsaacMoore, EdwardStokes, George
Campbell, WilliamHill, IsaacMoore, WilliamStretton, Thomas
Cant, JosephHill, WilliamMorgan, WilliamSullivan, James
Cant, ThomasHofield, JosephMunro, JohnSweeney, William
Carter, HenryHogan, JamesMurphy, JohnTacey, Thomas
Casey, PeterHolley, JamesMycock, JohnTaylor, Thomas
Chapman, CharlesHopkins, FrancisNewman, JohnTaylor, William
Clancey, ThomasHorrigan, EdwardNightingale, JohnTelly, Michael
Clark, JamesHorsburgh, WilliamNoble, JamesThomson, John
Clark, JosephHoward, JohnNorman, WilliamTodd, Christopher James
Clarke, JosiahHoward, WilliamO'Neale, JamesTompkins, George
Clements, ThomasIngream, ThomasO'Neil, AlexanderTompkins, Thomas
Coker, GeorgeInnis, BryanOnions, SamuelTravis, William
Collins, DanielJob, CharlesOrange, JohnTregenza, William
Collins, HughJones, HenryOscroft, DennisTurner, George
Coltman, JamesJones, JohnOwen, JamesTurner, John
Cook, HenryJones, WilliamParker, JamesTurner, John
Crew, CharlesJones, WilliamPhasey, ThomasVaughan, Robert
Crompton, RobertJordan, LewisPhillips, ThomasWale, Robert
Cross, ElijahKelly, EdwardPhillips, WilliamWallis, James
Dobson, CharlesKelly, JohnPigeon, JamesWalton, John
Dodson, JamesKennedy, AndrewPowell, Edward GeorgeWard, Abraham
Donnew, JamesKnowles, WilliamPowell, GeorgeWard, James
Downing, JohnLakey, WilliamRadford, JamesWard, Thomas
Duff, AndrewLane, AlfredRedman, JosephWatkins, George
Duffy, JohnLane, JohnRoach, GarrettWatkins, George
Duncan, JohnLangley, LarretRobottom, EdwardWatkins, Thomas
Ellis, JohnLeach, WilliamRose, MosesWelch, James
Fallows, JosephLear, WilliamRose, SimeonWhite, Thomas
Ferrier, RobertLeasley, JosephRoss, JamesWhiting, Henry
Ford, SamuelLewis, JohnRowlinson, WilliamWilliams, Edward
Foreman, ThomasLewis, RobertRushton, RichardWilliamson, Alexander
Frazer, JohnLindon, JamesRutter, DavidWillis, John
Gardiner, GeorgeLockett, RichardRyall, WilliamWood, John
Gathen, CharlesLockston, ThomasSainsbury, WilliamYoung, George

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Runnymede I is 200 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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