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Use of Sydney Vignerons Association Member Logo

Current financial members of the Sydney Vignerons Association (herein referred to as SVA) are entitled to use the ‘SVA Associate’, ‘SVA Member’ or ‘SVA Partner’ logo to identify their status as a member of the Association. The type of logo that can be used is linked to their current membership level of the Association.


The logo may be displayed on all pages of a member’s website where an individual, vineyard, winery or partner are current members of the Association.
It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the logo is not displayed in a way that is likely to mislead another person to associate a non-member with the SVA.

Business Cards

The logo may be displayed on the business cards of individuals and staff members of vineyards / wineries / partners who are current members of the Association.

All other advertising, publication, signage, stationary

The logo may be displayed on any advertising, publication signage or stationery where the vineyard / winery / partner is a current member of the Association, provided that the use of the logo is not likely to breach misleading and deceptive conduct provisions of the Trade Practices Act.

Guidelines and Conditions of Use

A condition of logo use is that the below logo use guidelines must be adhered to at all times. The SVA reserves the right to request the correction of unacceptable logo use.

Download the guidelines here

Should you require logo support or wish to check appropriate use, contact the Association.

Logos for Download

Black & white, single colour and full colour versions are available.

Black & white version SVA logo - B&W SVA logo - B&W inverted
One colour version SVA logo - one colour SVA logo - one colour inverted
Full colour version SVA logo - full colour SVA logo - full colour inverted

See guidelines for more information on correct use. Files are provided in two formats:

Encapsulated PostScript, or EPS files, are high quality scalable files for use by designers and any printing. Logos come with either white (transparent) or black backgrounds.

JPG are typically used on websites. Low resolution JPG files should not be used on brochures or for printing, due to the lower resolution / quality. Logos come with either white or black backgrounds.


Contact the Association to request a logo to suit your needs, or if you have a technical question about logo use.





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