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Details for the ship Manlius (3) (1830)

Ship Name:Manlius (3)  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1825
Size (tons):479
Voyage Details
Master:William Johnson
Surgeon:Eben. Johnston
Sailed:27 April 1830
Arrived:12 August 1830
Days Travel:107
Convicts Landed:200 males & 0 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Appleby, WilliamDoyle, JamesKyley, PatrickSinnett, Michael
Bagnall, JosephDutton, CharlesLambert, JohnSkeggs, James
Bailey, RichardEdwards, EdwardLawney, JohnSlender, William
Ball, JosephEgerton, GeorgeLawrenson, ThomasSmith, George
Banes, William JosephEllis, DanielLea, Charles BowlesSmith, James
Barton, ErasmusEllmes, HenryLeach, JamesSmith, John
Barton, JamesErridge, EdwardLongworth, PeterSmith, John
Baylis, JohnFenby, GeorgeLowe, JesseSmith, Mark
Bedford, ThomasFender, RobertMacKenzie, AlexanderSmith, Thomas
Bell, John WhitfieldFletcher, WilliamMarch, JosephSmith, William
Bennett, SamuelFrayne, WalterMarshall, JohnSmith, William
Bennett, ThomasFriend, WilliamMcKenzie, AlexanderSmith, William
Berry, WilliamGadbury, ThomasMcMichan, MichaelSproson, James
Bessant, CharlesGadsby, JohnMillard, HenryStanley, John
Bone, FrancisGardner, JohnMills, JohnStead, William
Bonsor, JosephGerrard, JamesMills, RobertStephenson, Joseph
Braile, SamuelGill, William PollMocock, WilliamStevens, Edward
Brennock, JamesGolding, JamesMullins, WilliamSturman, William
Bromley, JosephGoodman, JohnMurphy, WilliamSweet, William
Brookes, GermanGreen, JohnNorton, HenryTams, John
Brown, JohnGriffiths, SamuelO'Neale, PatrickTandy, Job
Brown, MarkGrist, JamesOwen, JohnTaylor, Richard
Brunt, JosephHagin, JohnParry, OwenThomas, Richard
Bull, WilliamHall, WilliamPegler, GeorgeThomson, James
Candy, JamesHanlan, ThomasPell, WilliamThornberry, Edwin
Candy, JohnHarrington, Henry TurnerPerkins, EdwardTilling, Henry
Carter, JohnHart, MitchellPickering, JohnTittle, John
Carver, ThomasHarvey, JamesPilbeam, WilliamTomlin, Thomas
Chapp, JosephHarvey, JoshuaPoole, WilliamToole, John
Chell, JamesHastie, JamesPope, WilliamTranter, Charles
Clarke, JosephHastings, HenryPullan, WilliamTyrell, Peter
Cole, GeorgeHay, WilliamReading, AndrewTyrer, Robert
Connell, JohnHenderson, JohnReading, WilliamUndy, James
Conolly, JohnHennisson, EdwardRiddington, JohnVickers, Richard
Cooke, CharlesHeys, ThomasRideal, ThomasWaller, John
Cooke, SamuelHill, CharlesRidler, SamuelWalsh, William
Cope, JosephHodgkinson, DanielRoss, WilliamWalton, James
Cowley, ThomasHoward, JohnRountree, EdwardWalton, John
Cummins, ThomasHuckleby, WilliamRowbotham, JohnWanstall, Thomas
Cunningham, WilliamHudle, JohnRudge, SamuelWard, William
Dagnall, ThomasHumphris, RobertRudge, ThomasWheatley, Thomas
Davidson, RobertHutchinson, SamuelRyan, JohnWhite, William
Davies, JohnInwood, WilliamSargeant, ThomasWhitehouse, Thomas
Davis, NorsonIsherwood, GeorgeSellers, WilliamWilding, Robert
Davis, PeterJackson, JosephShambrook, JoshuaWilford, Barnaby
Davison, JohnJones, JohnShillinghall, GeorgeWilkinson, William
Devereaux, JohnJones, JosephShorrock, ThomasWilliams, Stephen
Dove, WilliamJones, WilliamSibley, JosephWilliams, Thomas
Downer, CharlesKing, JamesSimpkins, JohnWilliams, William
Downs, JohnKirkup, MatthewSingleton, PeterWilson, Alexander

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Manlius (3) is 200 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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