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Details for the ship City of Edinburgh (2) (1832)

Ship Name:City of Edinburgh (2)  
Rig Type:Bk.
Build Year:1813
Size (tons):366
Voyage Details
Master:Giles Wade
Surgeon:Anthony Donoghoe
Sailed:18 March 1832
Arrived:27 June 1832
Days Travel:101
Convicts Landed:139 males & 0 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Barrett, AnthonyDonohue, OwenLarkin, PhilipMurray, John
Birmingham, MartinDoolin, JamesLaughlin, LawrenceOrmsby, Michael
Bollartly, LawrenceDriscol, DenisLaw, PatrickPower, John
Brady, JohnDwyer, JamesLee, WilliamQuinlan, Michael
Brannon, ThomasEdwards, GeorgeLogan, JohnQuinn, Patrick
Brody, MichaelEgan, AndrewLondregan, FrancisReilly, Patrick
Brown, ThomasFarrell, EdwardLouth, JamesRiddington, Daniel
Buckly, JohnFarrell, MichaelLynch, MichaelRyan, James
Burke, MichaelFetherstone, FrancisLynch, MichaelRyan, James
Burrows, JohnFinegan, JohnLyne, JamesRyan, John
Callagher, ThomasFitzgerald, PatrickLyons, BernardShaw, Alfred
Cananan, CharlesFitzsimmons, JohnMadden, JamesShea, James
Cananan, DanielFlood, LukeMalley, WilliamShea, William Jun
Cane, PatrickFoley, EdwardMcAnulty, EdwardShea, William Sen
Cannon, JohnFord, JohnMcCarthy, DanielSkiddy, James
Carol, BryanFowler, GeorgeMcCarthy, JamesSlack, Maurice
Carty, JohnGallagher, MichaelMcCormick, PatrickSmith, Michael
Cassidy, JohnGallagher, PatrickMcCrohan, FrancisSmith, Patrick
Clarke, JohnGarvey, JohnMcDonough, PatrickSnipe, Thomas
Coleman, NicholasGleeson, ThomasMcEntagart, PatrickStafford, Joseph
Colligy, PatrickGordon, PatrickMcGraw, PatrickStokes, John
Collins, JohnGraham, HenryMcHugh, ThomasSullivan, Joseph
Collins, PatrickGriffin, JohnMcKenna, JamesSullivan, Owen
Conlon, PatHaite, BrianMcNamara, PeterSullivan, Thomas
Connell, JohnHaite, HenryMcShane, MichaelTormey, James
Connolly, MartinHector, StephenMeally, JamesWalsh, Edward
Connolly, RichardHegarty, PatrickMeally, JohnWalsh, Edward
Connor, JohnHiggins, JohnMeeley, HughWalsh, George
Connor, ThomasJordan, PatrickMonnolly, JohnWalsh, James
Conry, LawrenceKelly, DominickMoran, LawrenceWalsh, James
Coughlan, EdwardKelly, JohnMorrissy, JamesWard, Lewis
Currin, ThomasKelly, ThomasMulowney, PatrickWard, Patrick
Denaly, JohnKennely, JamesMurphy, DanielWash, John
Dermody, JohnKerr, JohnMurphy, JamesWilson, William
Dixon, JohnKerrigan, JamesMurphy, John
Dogherty, JamesKinervy, ThomasMurphy, Peter
Donaghoe, PatrickLally, EdwardMurrane, Edmond

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship City of Edinburgh (2) is 145 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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  • Bateson, Charles & Library of Australian History (1983). The convict ships, 1787-1868 (Australian ed). Library of Australian History, Sydney : pp.350-351, 388

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