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Details for the ship Hashemy (1849)

Ship Name:Hashemy  
Rig Type:Bk.
Build Year:1817
Size (tons):523
Voyage Details
Master:John Ross
Surgeon:Col. A. Browning and Edmonston
Sailed:11 February 1849
Arrived:May 1849
Port:PP PJ
Days Travel:118
Convicts Landed:212 males & 0 female convicts
Notes:Landed Port Phillip proportion of prisoners at Geelong in May 1849, arrived 9 May 1949 at Sydney and landed 212 male convicts

List of convict passengers

Abbott, CharlesFoster, WilliamKemp, WilliamRowe, John
Aldington, JosephFrancis, ThomasKent, HenryRussell, Reuben
Allcock, RobertFreer, JohnKerry, JamesRyall, Benjamin
Allen, WilliamFurse, GeorgeKing, JamesSalisbury, John
Arnold, WilliamGale, EdwardKingdon, GeorgeSalter, George
Austin, CharlesGamble, WilliamKnight, ThomasSelf, John
Baker, WilliamGanly, ValentineKnight, WilliamSharpe, William
Barnett, HenryGerman, AdamLawrence, WilliamSimpson, James
Barrow, JamesGerrand, CharlesLawson, WilliamSims, Joseph
Barton, JohnGibbs, EdmundLeedham, JosephSinclair, Richard
Bell, WilliamGibson, RobertLetts, RichardSkeggs, Benjamin
Belson, WilliamGillett, ChristopherLingwood, GeorgeSmith, Charles
Bendle, JosephGooch, WilliamLock, HenrySmith, George
Bennett, ThomasGoodliffe, JosephLomas, JamesSmith, Henry
Bentliff, GeorgeGordan, RonaldLucas, JohnSmith, James
Berry, ThomasGoss, PhilipMaclean, AllanSmith, William
Betts, ThomasGraham, William HenryMahoney, JohnSouthell, John
Body, Frederick ElielGranderson, RobertMarsh, JamesStevens, William
Britton, ThomasGreen, WilliamMarshall, WilliamStewart, William
Brokenborough, GeorgeGrimshaw, WilliamMartin, JamesStone, George
Brown, WilliamGroom, William HenryMartin, RichardSutton, Samuel
Browning, GeorgeHaddon, GeorgeMartin, ThomasSweeney, James
Buchanan, JamesHague, WilliamMash, JohnTaylor, Henry
Burgwin, RichardHaley, WilliamMason, GeorgeTaylor, Joseph
Burton, JosephHarding, GeorgeMason, LeviTimms, Thomas
Campbell, JamesHargin, ArthurMatthews, JohnTomlinson, Joseph
Carnegie, James EdwardHarley, WilliamMatthews, JohnTrinder, Charles
Carter, JamesHarrington, WilliamMcDougall, ArchibaldTurner, Joseph
Carter, WilliamHarris, JosephMcGoaye, JohnTwiggs, Alfred
Chapman, GeorgeHartog, HaanMcGovan, HughUnderwood, Joseph
Clark, WilliamHawes, JamesMerchant, JohnVoisin, Jaques
Clayton, TobiasHawke, JamesMolster, ThomasWall, Edward
Clements, JohnHayward, JohnMonckton, JamesWallis, Thomas
Collins, JohnHaywood, ThomasMorgan, GeorgeWard, George
Cook, ThomasHewitt, HenryMorris, WilliamWard, William
Cornish, JamesHicks, JohnMoseley, JosiahWarden, Robert
Crawford, JamesHigson, EllisMulgrave, JamesWarren, Hugh
Cubbon, WilliamHill, CharlesMyers, IsraelWatts, Thomas
Davis, WilliamHoare, ThomasNewman, GeorgeWebber, Henry
Deakin, WilliamHope, FrancisNorris, WilliamWebster, William
Delap, JamesHumphries, EdwardOrton, HenryWemyss, William
Denby, JohnInskip, SamuelOtley, PollardWeston, William
Dibben, FrederickIreland, WilliamPatrick, JamesWhite, Godfrey
Dillon, JohnIvens, JamesPeaty, JohnWhite, James
Dowd, JohnIzzard, JamesPerkins, RobertWilliams, Henry
Dumbleton, WilliamJackson, WilliamPowers, CharlesWilliams, James
Dunn, AlexanderJackson, WilliamPreece, ThomasWilliams, John
Dunn, Allan (Junior)James, WilliamPringle, WilliamWilliamson, Frederick
Dutton, HenryJarvis, ThomasPurse, WilliamWills, Thomas
East, HenryJebson, JosephPurves, JohnWilson, Mark
Edser, JamesJohnson, CharlesRainback, JosephWilton, James
Edwards, GeorgeJohnson, GeorgeRamsay, AlexanderWood, Charles
Elliot, JamesJohnson, Joseph HenryRamsden, CharlesWright, Elijah
Evans, RichardJohnson, WilliamRead, JamesWright, John
Exell, JohnJones, FrederickReeves, PhilipWright, Peter
Farrall, JohnJones, HenryReffel, RichardWynn, William
Fennell, ThomasJones, HenryRigby, JosephWyse, Peter
Fisher, WilliamJones, ThomasRoberts, ThomasYoung, Joseph
Flitcroft, RobertJones, ThomasRogers, WilliamYoung, William
Foakes, Thomas SamuelJoseph, WilliamRound, Samuel

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Hashemy is 239 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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