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Details for the ship Aurora II (1851)

Ship Name:Aurora II  
Rig Type:Bk.
Build Year:1843
Size (tons):536
Voyage Details
Master:Valentine Ryan
Surgeon:W. B. Jones
Sailed:26 April 1851
Arrived:10 August 1851
Days Travel:106
Convicts Landed:0 males & 229 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Agnew, AgnesEvans, ElizaLiddell, JaneRoach, Eliza
Allen, EleanorFarcey, AnnLilas, MariaRoberts, Mary
Arthur, ElizabethFearnes, BridgetLillis, EllenRobinson, Louisa
Baker, ElizabethFinnon, MaryLindsay, AliceSamuel, Margaret
Barr, MaryFleckner, Sarah AnnLithgow, JaneShaw, Jean
Beaton, MaryFraser, JessLoftus, CatherineSmith, Ann
Becket, ElizabethFreeland, MaryLyde, HannahSmith, Elizabeth
Bevan, ElizaGibbons, MaryLyons, CatherineSmith, Rosina
Blake, JaneGlass, ElizabethMacGrath, CatherineStephens, Mary Jane
Bold, MariaGordon, AgnesMaclean, EuphemiaStewart, Margaret
Boswell, IsabellaGordon, LydiaMagner, AnnStokes, Martha Ann
Bowling, MaryGough, HannahMaguire, CatherineSullivan, Margaret
Boyle, FannyGraham, ElizabethMaguire, EllenTaggart, Jane
Brindley, HarriettGraham, ElizabethMahoney, EllenTaylor, Janet
Britton, MargaretGraham, MaryMason, SarahTelford, Marion
Broadbent, Mary AnnGray, MatildaMaule, Mary AnnThomas, Catherine
Brown, ElizabethGreen, SusannahMay, PrudenceThomas, Martha
Brown, JaneGresley, RoseMcCann, PhilisThompson, Mary
Brydon, ElspethGriffiths, ElizabethMcCarther, AnnThomson, Eliza
Bubb, ElizabethGullins, JaneMcCarthy, HannahThomson, Elizabeth
Buicks, AnnHamilton, AgnesMcCormack, SarahThomson, Isabella
Buicks, ElizabethHardy, AnnMcCrae, JanetTobin, Harriet
Burgess, HannahHargreaves, AnnMcCriman, CatherineTozer, Hannah
Burke, MaryHarwood, NancyMcFarlane, MargaretTrott, Jane
Cairnes, ElizabethHawkins, SarahMcGregor, JanetTucker, Mary
Cameron, AgnesHazeldine, CarolineMcHugh, BetsyVokes, Harriett
Cameron, AgnesHicks, AnnMcKie, MargaretWade, Amelia
Campbell, ElizabethHunn, SusanMcNicol, SusannahWalker, Fanny
Campbell, MargaretHunter, MaryMcTavish, MargaretWalker, Margaret
Canning, FannyHutchinson, CatherineMeadows, Mary AnnWalker, Mary Ann
Carden, MaryJames, EstherMeighan, BridgetWall, Rebecca
Cassady, AnnJennings, MaryMellish, ElizabethWalls, Ann
Chatfield, Mary AnnJerred, AnnMichie, MargaretWalters, Elizabeth
Coates, LouisaJohnson, Mary AnnMiller, JaneWard, Eliza
Coghlan, MargaretJohnston, MargaretMillington, RuthWebb, Mary Ann
Coleman, SarahJohnstone, MargaretMills, CarolineWells, Catherine
Collins, ElizabethJones, Hannah AmeliaMontgomery, IsabellaWelsh, Margaret
Conway, MargaretJones, MargarettMorgan, ElizabethWhitcome, Hannah
Copping, HagarJones, MaryMowbray, JaneWhite, Agnes
Cottingham, MariaJones, MaryMuir, HelenWhitelaw, Isabella
Cray, EllenJones, Mary AnnMunro, IsabellaWilkie, Christina
Crowther, AnnJones, Mary AnnMurphy, AnnWilliams, Eliza
Dale, ElizabethKelly, BridgetMurphy, JuliaWilliams, Emma
Daly, HelenKelly, ElizabethNeil, CatherineWilliams, Mary Jane
Dalziel, MargaretKelly, JaneNewall, SarahWilliamson, Mary
Davidson, MaryKennedy, MargaretNicholson, MaryWilmot, Ellen
Davies, EllenKennedy, MaryOrr, ChristianWilson, Agnes
Devine, MargaretKennedy, MaryPalmer, HarriettWilson, Eliza
Dick, RobinaKerr, JaneParker, MaryWilson, Eliza
Dickinson, SarahKing, MaryParnell, JaneWilson, Elizabeth
Dixon, AnnKinnear, JessiePirie, MargaretWilson, Jane
Douglas, CatherineLang, AnnPorter, RobinaWilson, Jean
Dunn, MaryLangley, SelinaPreece, CatherineWilson, Margaret
Dunnigan, MaryLarkin, MaryPrendergrass, SarahWilson, Mary
Dwyer, MaryLaundrygan, MargaretPriddin, MarthaWinters, Hannah
Dwyer, SusanLaurie, AnnPriest, ElizabethWood, Sarah
Ellery, MaryLaw, MaryPumphery, AnnYoung, Margaret
Emblade, AnnLee, CatherineRae, Helen
Erwood, SarahLeedham, CatharineRiley, Harriet

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Aurora II is 234 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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