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~9th April 2003 ~  

Copies of the current Hawkesbury Family History Group Meeting news sheet including archived copies can be accessed at http://www.hawkesbury.net.au/community/053.html


9 April (10am-3pm) HERITAGE FESTIVAL SEMINAR Hawkesbury waterways : history of our rivers & commercial enterprises
14 May MARION STARR 'Reading Between the Lines'
11 June TRIVIA QUIZ??Everyone welcome, come along & have some fun.
9 July CRAIG LAFFIN Families & Friends of the first AIF Group
13 August PETER STEWART Jurd family history : 201 years in Australia
10 September CATHY McHARDY Wilberforce Cemetery- history & headstones
8 October To be advised
12 November J SALTER & P KETTLE Research in London & the Home Counties
10 December SHOW & TELL Plus Christmas Party


'Reading Between the Lines' is the topic for the Hawkesbury Family History Group meeting on Wednesday the 14th May 2003. Author Marion Starr will be presenting one of the fascinating stories from her recent local history book : "Murder, Mayhem and Misdemeanours : Early Settlers at the Cowpasture River, NSW 1810-1820". She will also provide details on how the stories were put together, sources and useful research tips.


A timely reminder that the Trivia Quiz will be taking place on Wednesday 11th June 2003. Members who have participated in this before are looking forward to making a big impression and are studying their general knowledge. Come along for some fun.


Everyone is welcome to attend the "Hawkesbury Homecoming - Hawkesbury Pioneer Families Reunion" to be held on the weekend of 29th & 30th November 2003, from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm each day, to be held rain, hail or shine at Windsor High School Hall, Mulgrave Road, McGraths Hill. The reunion is being organised by Lesley Uebel ckennedy@bigpond.net.au Norma & Ian McLean and Coralie Hird. It is an ideal venue to meet previously unknown relatives or arrange to meet known relatives. Display your family history. Entrance Fee is $5, Children under 16 Free (Fee covers a person attending either one
day or both days) For more information see http://users.bigpond.net.au/convicts/page154.html


Access Sackville Reach Cemetery online now at http://www.hawkesbury.net.au/cemetery/st_thomas/index.html As part of the
"Hawkesbury on the Net" project, cemetery inscriptions from local Hawkesbury cemeteries will be available to research online. The first in the series is now available and provide names, dates, headstone images and cemetery plan. A database compiled from the Church registers will also be available shortly. -


On Saturday 28th June 2003 from 12pm, the Centenary of the Official opening of the BRIDGE over the Macdonald River at St. Albans NSW will be commemorated. During the afternoon the Institution of Engineers will place an Historic Engineering Marker on the bridge. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.


Can anyone assist with the following enquiry? Olive Lawson writes : "For some years I have been researching details of the Ward family of Windsor (1870s to the 1930s). Most prominent was Joseph William Ward (1856-1928) who was Mayor of Windsor in 1910, and a prominent businessman, churchman, and sportsman. In 1873 Joseph married Ambrosine Bushell. They had a large family, some of whom are known to have remained in Windsor, and one at least of his sons believed to have been in business in the town from the 1920s on. I would be most interested to know whether any of Joseph Ward's descendants are still in the area, and would be particularly interested in any information about Joseph Ward and his family that any grand-children or other descendants may have. Joseph Ward's sister Isabella Ann Ward (1848-1930) married Charles Byers in Sydney in 1885. As Mrs Byers, she became housekeeper and carer of Henry Lawson in his later years. I have completed her biography, but seek further details of her brother Joseph's family in Windsor, before my book is finalised for publication". Please contact Olive Lawson, PO Box 212, North Sydney, NSW, 2059


Nepean Family History Society is planning The above publication for persons who lived or worked in the Blacktown District between 1788 & 1900. The area covers the Blacktown City Council including the areas between Ropes Road, South Creek, Windsor Road, Toongabbie, Vineyard, Seven Hills, Eastern Creek, Mount Druitt, St Marys, Shanes Park, Blacktown & Riverstone. For forms or further information contact Nepean FHS, PO Box 81, Emu Plains 2750 or Sue Breeze (02) 4735-1818. Closing date is the 30th November 2003.


Join other family historians in exploring what SAG has to offer - lectures, help with research, displays and stalls by other research facilities and vendors, scrap-booking, new and second-hand book stalls, maps, charts, sausage sizzles, Devonshire teas . . . And all for as little as $10 (advance purchase, one day) or $15 (two days) - big savings on the door price of $15 per day! Put Friday 30 and Saturday 31 May (10am-4pm) in your diary now!


A new book on the history of Penrith & St Marys has recently been published. Written by Lorraine Stacker the book covers the Aboriginal history of the area, European settlement & then the history of each of the suburbs in the Penrith & St Marys areas. It includes over 160 images. The book can be purchased through Penrith City Library for $25.00 (contact pcclib@penrithcity.nsw.gov.au ) or local newsagents & bookstores.


Mark Sunday 25th May 2003 at 7.30pm in your diary for "A Little Night Tour" through the Mays Hill Cemetery, cnr Great Western Hwy & Steele Street, Parramatta. Cost is $10 Adults & $5 children. To book contact Pat O'Brien 96350796 or www.mayshillcemetery.org


Members with internet access should check out the following interesting sites. The Library has free access to the internet, contact 4560 4460 for bookings. Richmond also has access, for bookings phone 4578 2002.


Moving Here (200 years of English migration) - www.movinghere.org.uk/

Writing family history www.genealogyforum.rootsweb.com/gfaol/reunion/WriteHist.htm

~ Let us know of sites, that you have tried with (or without) success ~


As part of the 200th Anniversary celebrations of the Battle of Vinegar Hill in March 2004, the combined Councils of Baulkham Hills, Blacktown, Hawkesbury, Holroyd, Liverpool and Parramatta will be organising a Descendants Day to recognise the contribution that those involved in the Battle made to justice, freedom and the right to self determination in Australia. If you are a descendant to any of the people listed below, or would like to help with the organization of the event, please contact your local Council or The Co-ordinator, Patricia Parker, 43 Phillips Street Alexandria NSW 2015. Patricia can also be contacted on (02) 9319 1008. The list below was obtained "The Battle of Vinegar Hill" by Lynette Ramsey Silver, published by Watermark Press, updated and expanded 2002. This item is available in the Local Studies Collection at Windsor Central Library, also available at other libraries & can also be purchased from various outlets.

Who Fought At Vinegar Hill


Numbering 233 (Not all the rebels were convicts)

  • Casualties: Fifteen unnamed men killed on the battle field
  • Phillip Cunningham executed at Windsor without trial
  • William Johnston executed at Castle Hill & then hung in chains outside Parramatta
  • John Neale executed at Castle Hill.
  • George Harrington executed at Castle Hill.
  • Samuel Humes executed at Parramatta and hung in chains.
  • Charles Hill executed at Parramatta.
  • Jonathon Place executed at Parramatta.
  • John Brannan executed at Sydney.
  • Timothy Hogan executed at Sydney.
  • John Burke reprieved, detained at the governor's pleasure.
  • Bryan McCormack reprieved, detained at the governor's pleasure.
  • John Griffin 500 lashes and exile to the Coal River chain gang.
  • Neil Smith 500 lashes and exile to the Coal River chain gang.
  • Bryan Burne 500 lashes and exile to the Coal River chain gang.
  • Connor Dwyer 500 lashes and exile to the Coal River chain gang. 
  • David Morrison 200 lashes and exile to the Coal River chain gang.
  • Cornelius Lyons 200 lashes and exile to the Coal River chain gang.
  • Owen McDermot 200 lashes and exile to the Coal River chain gang.

Twenty three other rebels, besides the seven listed above, were also exiled to the Coal River. This group included John Cavenah, Francis Neeson and another convict named Tierney, as well as four men who assisted the rebels - Robert Cooper, Dennis Ryan and two emancipists, Bryan Spaldon and Bryan Riley. Riley and Ryan were also punished with as many lashes as they could stand without their lives being endangered. Thirty-four prisoners were placed in irons until they could be 'disposed' of. It is not known whether some, or all of them, were sent to the Coal River. Note: As this list is handwritten, some of the names are difficult to decipher.

  • Owen Black
  • Andrew Coss 
  • Douglas Hartigan 
  • James Turoney
  • Thomas Brodrick 
  • James Cullen 
  • Peter Magrath 
  • Edward Nail
  • Brien Burn 
  • William Day
  • Jonothon Malony 
  • Peter Garey
  • Thomas Burne 
  • James Duffy 
  • Joseph McLouglin 
  • Jonothan Tucker
  • Jonothan Butler 
  • Thomas Gorman 
  • Jonothan Reilley
  • Jonothan Moore 
  • Jonothan Campbell 
  • Edward Griffin 
  • Jonothan Roberts 
  • James Cramer
  • William Cardell 
  • Jonothan Griffin 
  • Anthony Rowson 
  • Richard Thompson
  • Nicholas Carty 
  • James Higgans 
  • George Russell 
  • Thomas Kelly 
  • Thomas Connel

*Thompson, and another person, whose name appears to be 'Teakus' were to be sent to trial. The remaining rebels & other suspects, were allowed to return to their places of employment.


One trooper, 29 soldiers and over fifty members of the Active Defence. The Parramatta Loyalists were also embodied to defend the town.


  • Major George 
  • Johnston Trooper 
  • Thomas Anlezark
  • Quartermaster Thomas Laycock 
  • A sergeant & 26 other ranks


A group of civil officers, constables and free citizens who had volunteered to assist the military in times of unrest. With the exception of two men they are not the volunteers from the group known as the Loyal Associations.

  • William Evans, sheriff's officer 
  • Benjamin Carver, constable
  • Henry Mar, constable 
  • Thomas Bates, constable
  • Richard Partridge, jailer 
  • John Smitherson, constable
  • Samuel Glasop 
  • Thomas Baker 
  • William Dumsden 
  • Thomas Smith
  • Patrick Branan 
  • Thomas Dunn 
  • Thomas Graham 
  • Isaack Mile
  • William Briggs 
  • Dennis Dunnervan 
  • John Gorden 
  • Robert Shrieves
  • Richard Burn 
  • Thomas Francis 
  • Richard Hadden 
  • Thomas Minsher
  • James Higgins 
  • Isaack Mills 
  • John Vardey 
  • William Witten
  • Robert Howard 
  • Henry Yates 
  • George Thurley 
  • Richard Shaw 
  • Joseph Huff 
  • Andrew Nash 
  • James Walton 
  • George Lewers
  • Charles Ivory 
  • John Read 
  • William Watkins 
  • William Mounslow #
  • George Jarvis 
  • Barny Riley 
  • William Miller 
  • Robert Wells #
  • John Jones 
  • John Roberson 
  • James Welsh

# Parramatta Loyalist

Then follows a secondary list, containing the names of the following citizens : James Bean, Patrick Burne , Robert Cooper, James Evans & Seth Watkins. Also citizens Dabbs, Innes, Parker and several others whose names are indecipherable. Father James Dixon was also present but did not take part in the fighting.


Contrary to popular belief, the 36 Parramatta Loyalists embodied on 5 March 1804, with the exception of William Mounslow and Robert Wells, remained in Parramatta to defend the town. Some, however, took place in the search and subsequent arrest of Samuel Humes' party, 'lost' near Castle Hill.

  • Captain John Savage 
  • Corporal Jonothan Stevenson 
  • Sergeant Rowland Hassall
  • Sergeant Major G.W.Evans 
  • Corporal Charles Wright
  • Drummer Saunders
  • Sergeant James Larra 
  • Drummer Adams


  • Henry Armstrong 
  • John Hodson 
  • Samuel Terry 
  • Thomas Bedford 
  • Hugh Hughes
  • Humphrey Thorn 
  • John Butcher 
  • John Lewin 
  • John Thorogood 
  • William Cole 
  • Thomas McKenzie 
  • John Weavers 
  • Thomas Cosier 
  • William Matthews 
  • Daniel Welling
  • William Crook 
  • William Mayo 
  • John Whittear 
  • Edward Elliot 
  • Thomas Norris
  • Edmund Wright 
  • John Graham 
  • Andrew Snowden 
  • James Wright 
  • Samuel Haslem 
  • John Tate


Although 38 Sydney Loyalists were embodied on 5 March 1804, the only member to take part in the pursuit and the confrontation was Lieutenant Thomas Smyth, the Provost Marshal.

  • Captain Thomas Rowley 
  • Corporal John Griffiths
  • Sergeant James Bloodsworth 
  • Corporal Thomas Massey
  • Sergeant John Golan 
  • Corporal William Wall.


  • Gilbert Baker 
  • Samuel Hockley 
  • Joseph Prosser 
  • David Batty 
  • Lewis Jones
  • Thomas Raby 
  • Daniel Chambers
  • Joseph Lewis 
  • Thomas Randall 
  • William Chapman
  • Francis Cox 
  • William Roberts 
  • George Mathews 
  • Frederick Meredith 
  • Samuel Skinner
  • William Evans 
  • Joseph Flood 
  • Andrew Cunningham 
  • William Miller 
  • James Somerville
  • Felix Owen 
  • Jonathan Dowling 
  • Jonathan Mitchell 
  • Jonothan Sparrow 
  • William O'Neal 
  • Samuel Thorley 
  • Jonothan Morrison 
  • James Underwood 
  • Michael Geary
  • Edward Goode
  • William Peachy

The Hawkesbury Family History Group is for people who have an interest in family history. There are no joining or membership fees. The HAWKESBURY CRIER (quarterly newsletter) is available on application. Articles & notices are always welcome. For further information about the group or the Local Studies Collection contact mnichols@hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au c/- PO Box 146 Windsor 2756 NSW Tel (02) 4560-4466. The group takes no responsibility for the accuracy or the authenticity of information expressed in this newsletter.


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