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St Thomas Cemetery - Sackville Reach  
Cemetery Details
Address:  Tizzana Road
 Sackville Reach
 New South Wales, Australia
Location: Approximately 6km down Tizzana Road from the King Road / Tizzana Road turnoff at Ebenezer Public School, located on the right hand side.
Denomination:  Church of England
Responsible Authority:  Hawkesbury City Council
Number of Graves:  85
Names Recorded:  163
Period of Use:  1827 - 1987

Panoramic of St Thomas Cemetery

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Aspery, Esther
Aspery, John
Aspery, Thomas
Asprey, Amy Elizabeth
Asprey, Athol Gordon
Asprey, John Frank Clifton
Baker, Eliza
Barber, Alfred Ernest
Barber, Charles
Barber, John Ephriam
Barber, May
Biffen, James
Blundell, Jane
Blundell, Joseph
Bradley, Abel
Bradley, Amy Theresa
Bradley, Ann
Bradley, Elizabeth
Bradley, Gabriel
Bradley, Gabriel Folks
Bradley, Hannah
Bradley, James William
Britten, Charles H.
Britten, Mary Ann
Brown, Charles Joseph
Brown, Gabriel Bradley
Brown, Hannah Beard
Brown, Margerat
Brown, Margaret Amelia
Brown, Marshall
Cavanough, Elizabeth
Cavanough, Jane Sophia
Cavanough, Margaret [nee Dowling]
Cavanough, Owen
Cavenough, James
Cavenough, John Henery
Chaseling, Elizabeth
Christie, Eliza
Christie, Mary Anne
Christie, Thomas
Christie, Thomas J.
Churchill, Edward
Churchill, Elizabeth
Cordy, John
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Margaret
Day, Ann (Hannah?)
Day, James
Deane, William
Dunn, Catherine
Dunn, James
Durrington, Amy
Durrington, John
Durrington, Harold Joseph
Eales, William Henry
Everingham, Archeble
Everingham, Jane
Everingham, William
Gardner, Henry
Gee, Ann
Gee, Robert
Good, John
Gosper, Catherine
Gosper, William Henry
Gotts, Clara Veronica
Gotts, Clarence Ashley
Green, Charles
Green, John
Green, John
Green, Mary
Green, Torenia Louisa
Grono, Catherine
Hayman, Charlotte
Hayman, David
Hayman, George
Hayman, Ruth
Hulbert, James
Huxley, Ann [nee Forbes]
Huxly, Emma Maria
James, Gladys Effie
Jones, Anne
Jones, Catherine
Jones, John
Jones, William
Kemp, Charlotte
Kemp, Ethel Maude
Kemp, William
King, Elizabeth
King, Walter
Kirby, Thomas
Kirwan, Angelina
Kirwan, Denis Benjamin
Kirwan, Hariot
Kirwan, Jessica
Lees, Janice
Lees, Marion
Lowe, Angelina
Lowe, Anne
Lowe, Edgar
Lowe, Emily Sophia
Lowe, Hilton Edgar
Lowe, John
Lowe, John #2
McClelland, Jane
Manning, Clara
Manning, Elizabeth
Manning, Emily Jane
Manning, Florence Bertha
Manning, George
Manning, James
Manning, Sarah
Metherell, Hannah
Metherell, William
Mitchell, Eliz.
Mitchell, George
Mitchell, Jane
Mitchell, John
Moloy, James
Palmer, Henry Shapton
Ridge, Elizabeth ??
Stephens, Elizabeth
Stephens, John
Stephens, Lillian Ada
Stephens, James Brown
Stephens, John Bradley
Stephens, Maria
Stephens, William Henry
Stubbs, Elizabeth
Stubbs, Joseph
Tootill, Andrew
Tuckerman, Adolphus
Tuckerman, Arthur Fleming
Tuckerman, Clara J.
Tuckerman, Cyril Joseph
Tuckerman, Emma
Tuckerman, Emma Laura
Tuckerman, Maria
Tuckerman, Mary
Tuckerman, Mary Louisa
Tuckerman, Prosper
Tuckerman, Rodney William Samuel
Tuckerman, Sarah
Tuckerman, Stephen
Tuckerman, Stephen Adolphus
Tuckerman, William J.S.
Turnbull, Florence Letitia
Turnbull, Grace
Turnbull, Maria
Turnbull, Ralph
Walker, John
Wall, Martha Ann
Wall, Rachel Jane
Wall, Richard
Wood, Thomas
Woods, George Richard
Woods, Isaac James
Woods, Isaac Newtown
Woods, Margaret
Map of cemetery:

Notes: Plaque in cemetery on the site of the original St Thomas's church that was washed away in the great flood of 1867.

1833 - 1867


Additional plaque added in 1988 to commemorate the First Fleeters. Reads as follows:

The plaque is dedicated to the memory of those who arrived in this country with Captain Arthur Phillip on the First Fleet in 1788 and were buried nearby.

Fellowship of First Fleeters

Credits: Transcriptions and photography by Jonathan Auld and Michelle Nichols - April 2003.


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