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Details for the ship Southworth (3) (1832)

Ship Name:Southworth (3)  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1821
Size (tons):350
Voyage Details
Master:John J. Coombes
Surgeon:James Forrester
Sailed:6 February 1832
Arrived:14 June 1832
Days Travel:129
Convicts Landed:0 males & 133 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Ahern, JaneDonnelly, Jane IrwinLindsay, AnneNowlan, Mary
Barrett, JaneDoude, JudithLohan, BridgetO'Brien, Catherine
Barry, CatharineDoyle, MaryLowry, BridgetO'Hara, Anne
Barry, MaryDoyle, WinifredLynch, BridgetO'Neill, Anne
Burke, CatharineFarr, MaryMagrory, FrancesPurcell, Abigail
Burke, CatharineFennessy, MargaretMaguire, EllenQuinn, Elizabeth
Butler, MaryFitzgerald, AnneMartin, Fanny McCreadyReilly, Elizabeth
Byrne, AnneFleming, AnneMathews, JaneReilly, Mary
Byrne, CatharineFlinn, AnnMcAleer, PrudenceReily, Catharine
Byrne, ElizaFlinn, MaryMcCarthy, CatheRobinson, Sarah
Byrne, EllenFox, EllenMcCormick, MaryRogan, Ann Sherwin
Byrne, MargaretGilhooly, MaryMcDonald, EllenScanlan, Mary
Byrne, MaryHazleton, RoseMcDonnell, AnneScannell, Honora
Cahill, ElizabethHealy, AnneMcGary, SelinaSheridan, Rose
Callaghan, AnneHealy, CatharineMcGill, RachaelSmith, Ellen
Callanan, CatharineHogan, MaryMcMahon, EllenSpur, Margaret
Callanan, MaryHogarty, CatharineMcMahon, MargaretStephens, Honor
Carr, CatherineHolmes, CatharineMcNamara, MarySullivan, Johana
Carroll, JudithHurley, CatharineMcNulty, HanahSweeny, Bridget
Carroll, MargaretHurley, CatharineMcShneal, IsabellaTate, Jane
Carthy, JudithHurley, MargaretMealin, MaryThompson, Mary Anne
Collins, AnneHurley, MargaretMoore, MaryToohey, Ellenor
Connors, EllenJennings, AnneMoran, ElizabethToole, Mary
Connors, MaryJohnston, MaryMulhall, AnneVallally, Bell
Cosgriff, AnneKavanagh, MaryMurphy, BridgetWalker, Anne
Crowly, AnneKearney, BridgetMurphy, MaryWalsh, Eliza
Cuddely, MargaretKearney, MargaretMurphy, MaryWalsh, Ellen
Cummins, EllenKeating, MaryMurphy, Mary AnneWalsh, Mary
Daley, AnneKeely, MargaretMurphy, Mary BraginWard, Esther
Daly, BridgetKelly, MaryMurray, ElizabethWard, Martha
Daly, CatharineLawless, Bridget FlinNagle, MaryWilliams, Mary Anne
Demster, MaryLawlor, MaryNeill, AnneWilson, Catharine
Dillon, JaneLehane, MaryNeill, Mary
Donaghy, SusanLewis, JaneNowlan, Mary

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Southworth (3) is 134 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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