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  • Will Form - It is very important that people undertaking family history research, or those that are looking after family papers, photographs & memorabilia ensure that they make provisions for them in their will. Add a codicil or write it into your will, that the your research is to go to a particular person or repository. Then the executor can follow your wishes, along with the other instructions. This way your research will not be discarded but passed onto people that will care and hopefully pass onto additional generations.
  • Pedigree Chart - A pedigree chart shows the direct line of descent. You can display from 5 to 15 generations (depending on the type of chart). You must always put the male line on the top line as this shows the continuation of the surname. The female line goes underneath.
  • Family Group Chart - Family Group Chart or the Birth Brief Chart are charts that provide space for a range of information for up to 3 generations. By completing these charts for each generation it is easy to pick up what details are missing and need to be completed. Remember to complete the children in order of birth, if you are unsure of information make sure you put a question mark near details. If there is more than one marriage, fill in a separate sheet for each marriage.
  • Family Relationship Chart - This chart will provide the relationship details between two people in the wider family group by connecting through a common ancestor.
  • Some of my memories - Blank form & article about recording your memories by Michelle Nichols. Article that looks at why it is important to "tell your story" and record your memories for posterity. Also included is a 4 page blank form to fill out.

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