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Details for the ship Borodino (1828)

Ship Name:Borodino  
Rig Type:S.
Build Year:1810
Size (tons):615
Voyage Details
Master:Richard Mentrup
Surgeon:George Thomson
Sailed:11 February 1828
Arrived:12 July 1828
Days Travel:152
Convicts Landed:200 males & 0 female convicts

List of convict passengers

Ahern, JamesDoughany, PatrickLanders, JamesRedmond, John
Allen, PatrickDoyle, PeterLawlor, JohnRegan, Edward
Barrett, WilliamDriscoll, FlorenceLeamey, DavidRelighan, Lance
Barry, JamesDriscoll, JamesLinnane, ThomasRenehan, James
Barry, RichardDriscoll, MichaelLinnehan, DavidRoche, James
Bergin, JeremiahDunn, JamesLockhart, EdwardRoche, William
Blake, MichaelDwyer, MichaelLockhart, MichaelRooney, Owen
Bourke, MichaelEvans, MartinLong, JohnRooney, Patrick
Bradley, MichaelFalvey, JohnLong, RichardRooney, Terence
Bresnahane, DenisFarrell, MichaelLynch, TimothyRussell, Michael
Bresnihane, JamesFeeny, JohnMace, PatrickRyan, John
Brett, MartinFitzgearld, JamesMaddigan, MichaelRyan, Michael
Brien, DanielFlaherty, JohnMaguire, JamesRyan, Patrick
Brien, JeremiahFlinn, MichaelMahoney, DenisRyan, William
Brien, MichaelFlinn, WilliamMahony, JamesSavage, Patrick
Browne, PatrickFoley, PatrickMahony, JamesShea, John
Bryan, PhillipForde, JohnMahony, JohnSheehan, Thomas
Burdell, JamesForde, WilliamMalone, WilliamSingleton, Thomas
Byrne, JamesGelligan, PatrickMara, RobertSinnot, Michael
Callaghan, Timothy (Junior)Gleeson, JamesMasterson, EdwardSkelly, Martin
Callaghan, Timothy (Senior)Gleeson, MichaelMcCarthy, DenisSpain, William
Campbell, DarbyGleeson, ThomasMcCarthy, JohnSpiller, Michael
Carroll, BernardGoggin, DenisMcGrath, ThomasStapleton, James
Carroll, JohnGoggin, JohnMcGuire, PatrickStapleton, Thomas
Carroll, MichaelGoggin, WilliamMcHugh, RichardSullivan, James
Carroll, PatrickGourevan, JamesMcNamara, JohnSullivan, John
Carroll, WilliamGrady, PatrickMcNamara, MichaelSullivan, Owen
Coghlan, GarrettGrady, ThomasMeara, JohnSweeny, Hugh
Coleman, WilliamGreaghan, MichaelMercer, WilliamTench, William
Condon, PatrickGrimes, WilliamMorrissey, EdwardTimmins, Thomas
Connor, AnthonyGuinnoone, ThomasMorrissey, PatrickTobin, Richard
Connor, OwenHall, WilliamMullins, JamesWade, William
Connors, ThomasHanley, EdmondMulloney, PatrickWalker, Thomas
Conway, MatthewHanley, JamesMurphy, DenisWall, Thomas
Cooley, JamesHanly, JohnMurphy, JamesWallace, David
Costello, WilliamHannan, MartinMurphy, JohnWalsh, James
Costigan, TimothyHayes, MauriceMurphy, JohnWalsh, Martin
Coughlan, MichaelHealy, TimothyMurphy, MichaelWatson, William
Coyne, JohnHewitt, PatrickMurphy, NicholasWells, William
Cremin, DavidHewson, ThomasMurray, ThomasWheeler, James
Cronin, MichaelHickie, MichaelNeville, MichaelWhelan, John
Crowly, CharlesHolmes, GeorgeNowlan, PatrickWhelan, Patrick
Custeen, JamesIves, MichaelNugent, NicholasWhite, John
Daley, DanielKeenan, JohnNunnery, WilliamWhite, Michael
Daley, MauriceKelliher, MauriceODonnel, MichaelWhoffin, John
Daley, PatrickKelly, DanielOnehan, JamesWilkins, Henry
Dalton, JohnKelly, JohnONeil, MichaelWilliams, George
Darby, ThomasKenny, JohnPhelan, EdwardWilliamson, William
Davis, HenryKenny, MichaelPoor, JamesWillson, John
Donovan, JohnKilfoyle, MichaelPoor, ThomasWright, George
Donovan, TimothyKilmartin, TimothyQuinn, RichardWright, William
Doolan, ThomasKlynes, JohnQuirk, Edward
Dorney, JohnLaffy, MartinReagan, William

Note: The number of convicts recorded on this site that are associated with the ship Borodino is 210 .This figure may not correlate with the full listing of convicts recorded in official documents.


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