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Source:  Yewen's Directory of the Landholders of NSW - 1900 p. 532-536; 538-543.
List Type:  Population
Dates Covered:  1900


The following description is given for the Windsor district from the “Yewen’s Directory of the Landholders of NSW in 1900”:

“This district is situated partly in the county of Cumberland, and partly in the Hunter and Hawkesbury Valleys. It embraces portions of the counties of Cumberland, Cook, Hunter, and Northumberland. The subdivisions are North Richmond, Richmond, Riverstone, Rouse Hill, St. Albans, Wilberforce, Windsor and Wiseman's Ferry.” in the area was described as follows : “…in 1899 there were 144,811 acres alienated and 2,908 acres of Crown Lands occupied. The number of holdings of over one acre was 1,494 and the total area cultivated 21,352 acres. The area cultivated was as follows;—For grain—Maize, 8,086 acres; Wheat, 358 acres; Oats, 9 acres; Barley, 46 acres. For fodder—Wheaten hay, 1,080 acres; Oaten hay, 862 acres ; Barley, 270 acres; Lucerne, 944 acres. Potatoes, 761 acres; Oranges, 4,816 acres; Grape Vines, 169 acres; Orchards, 2,572 acres ; and 1,634 acres of other crops.” Live stock for the area was listed as follows : “5,409 Cattle; 5,421 Horses; 3,720 Milch Cows; 4,570 Pigs and 1,666 Sheep.” Basic information was recorded as: “The town of Windsor is 34 miles from Sydney, on the Windsor-Richmond branch of the main western line from Blacktown. The district is general farming and fruit growing. The places of Petty Sessions are Richmond, St. Albans and Windsor.”

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