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1841 Census (Summary)
1878-79 Post Office Directory
1885 Parliamentary Return of Landholders (Windsor)
1900 Landholders Directory
1901 Census (District: Hawkesbury)
1935 Commercial Post Office Directory

Coroner's Inquests 1840-52
Flood of 1867 and the Lower Hawkesbury & Colo
Hawkesbury Benevolent Society List of Donations 1846
Hawkesbury Benevolent Society List of Donations 1886
Hawkesbury Electors 1860
Hawkesbury Electors 1872
Hawkesbury Settlers Address 1810
Local Government Petition in Windsor 1863
Lower Portland Aboriginals at Windsor 1881
Meat Tendered 1819
Memorial from the Colonists 1822
Persons Employed at Hobartville 1828
Richmond in 1848
Presbyterian Subscription List 1838
Rev Henry Fulton's convict employees 1815-1825
Richmond Ambulance Division 1913
Richmond Rifle Corps of Volunteers 1869
Tickets of Leave Cancelled 1852
Tickets of Leave Granted Hawkesbury District 1832
Waterloo Subscription List 1816  NEW
Wilberforce/Freemans Reach Pioneer Children 1832 - 1890
Wilberforce Parochial School Roll Book 1856
Wilberforce School 1877
Windsor Hospital Patients 1846
Windsor in 1832
'Windsor Review' List of Subscribers 1857
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The Lists Register available on 'Hawkesbury on the Net ' represents the results of an ongoing project to transcribe lists associated with the Hawkesbury Region of New South Wales, Australia, and then to provide that information online.

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